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  1. JohnBuyer
    Ford Expedition 2003
  2. NevadaGeo
    NevadaGeo ExpeditionAndy
    Okay, got it. I had to reverse polarity by turning the power into the ballast 180 degrees. So now all quiet on the Western front...

    Thanks for your help.
  3. NevadaGeo
    NevadaGeo ExpeditionAndy
    I have a photo of the hookup. I tried the second one and no go on that either. I hook up the factory harness connector to the plug that plugs into the bulb? Don't know what is not correct. I can't post a photo on this page. sorry.
  4. NevadaGeo
    NevadaGeo ExpeditionAndy
    Hi Andy,

    I got the first light done, and no go. Wiring is pretty simple with no choice of polarity changes. Don't know what is wrong. Should be pretty simple no? If you have some time, I would appreciate a call on my cell. 775 340 3724

  5. PaulT
    New 2006 Expedition owner
  6. kenneth32
    kenneth32 stamp11127
    I have a 1998 ford expedition that hasn't been driven in 5 years, when it went down numerous things were happening and I wanted answers and possible solutions. I have many issues to discuss and need your advice.
  7. kenneth32
    my gas gauge is not working & I replaced fuel pump not too long ago and I hear loud knocking when I turn steering wheel any advice
  8. kenneth32
    I have a 1998 ford expedition it has 3 types of drives 4x4, 4H & 4L I don't use 4x4 so which should it be switched to?
  9. Jodie Watson
    Jodie Watson
    2000 expedition has been making a winding sound when I let off the gas. What could it be? Like the sound of big tires when driving but not.
  10. ianpaulford
    "Alien can blend right on in with your kin... Look again, cause I swear I spot one every now and then..." Andre 3000 'Aquemini'