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  1. Eforced Tuxedo
    Eforced Tuxedo
    trading my 2014 in and selling the Edelbrock E-Force supercharger
  2. R W Carpenter
    R W Carpenter GAIN-MOB
    How can I post in the classifieds section? I have obtained a second gen service manual and would like to make it available to other members either whole or by section for a nominal fee.
  3. Eightiesrock80
  4. Boostedbus
    Boostedbus 69Hcode
    2v Windsor.... Mustang or Cougar?
  5. Fordalways
    2018 Platinum Max 2WD stock
  6. Jerry 2
    Jerry 2
    Thank you for the welcome
  7. Wayne-Ro1943
    NEW MEMBER! I am looking for information about changing the heater core in my 07 expedition. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Mike Saunders
    Mike Saunders N9JIG
    Hi, I just got a '17 Expo EL & saw your pics of your radio installation. Wondering if you had a side view you would share. I need to install 2 mobiles in mine and was looking for the best way to use the pencil tray. Do you know if there is any obstruction below the tray? Need to get smarter before I start tearing into the console. Any suggestions appreciated. Tnx and DE N3GPE ([email protected])
  9. Tinch316
    Chuck on Line
  10. Adamsexpedition
    Adamsexpedition Artie
    amazing truck you got!
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