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  1. Sneaky Pete
    Sneaky Pete
    2016 Ford Expedition XLT
  2. Will H
    Will H
    Raise 'Em High Boys....Fat Chicks Can't Climb !!!!
  3. T DeLaRosa
    T DeLaRosa
    2005 Ford Expedition NBX SSV
  4. H3kta83
    2nd Gen Expy Rig Zombie Apocalipse
  5. WVgirl
    WVgirl Hamburgertime
    What size wheels and tires do you have? I like the width of yours
  6. Will H
    Will H
    '98 EB Rollin' 37" Toyo's on 20" Fuel Wheels. Rough Country Winch hidden behind stock front bumper. I call it, "My Coffin" !!
  7. Hector
    I have a misfire in cylinder eight replace the spark plugs and coil doing work replace all a plugs and coil didn't work what do I do
  8. USMCBuckWild
    USMCBuckWild bjtor
    Shoot me a text: 860-307-8457
  9. bjtor
    bjtor USMCBuckWild
    hi, sorry to bother you but wonder if you still had an interest in the HID lights we discussed earlier in the year. If so I am willing to let you have them for the cost of shipping. I want to get them out of my garage and it will be nice to know someone is using them.
    thank you
  10. AIDAH