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Nov 21, 2017 at 2:06 PM
      May I ask the forums opinion on completely removing the EGR system? I’ve been told that it serves no benefit to the vehicle. That with out it you gain horse power and fuel efficiency. Besides the obvious (I’m guessing) that it’s the law? Does it serve ANY purpose outside of to the environment?
    2. alexexpedition
      Do you anybody that know about 4r70w trans o have a question
    3. Gary Cox
      Gary Cox
      good afternoon: Have you ever heard of 2011 ford expedition message center lights dim. I am trying to get a answer or put me in the right direction. It seems to be a common problem the Green info panel you can't see in the daylight but when it was new it worked fine. Thanks Gary Cox
    4. GAIN-MOB
      I don't know I haven't changed my shift points manually...I only use the preset tunes...its suppose to go into gear to maintain speed when in an incline
    5. Scott Yancey
      Scott Yancey
      Good evening! I purchased a superchips cortex 1950 and seen that you have one. This is the 1st one that I have used. I was hoping that you may have played with your tuner, so what I am wanting to do is adjust my shift points. My problem when going down the road with the cruise control set @ 62 every time I hit a slight upwards incline the truck kick up into passing gear. My question sir is what adjustments do I make to solve my problem?
      Thank you for you help!
      Scott Yancey
    6. k9education
      Thanks for the response. Looks like no IPCW tails for the 3rd gens.
    7. k9education
      How has your experience been with the Anzo headlights? Halos still working? Any shorts? How about the taillights? (Also Anzos?) I was thinking about getting one or both, but the reviews for Anzos are mostly awful.
    8. Odimus
      I was there in 93/94. That's a crap turn around from a deployment. At first I was with the rescue squadron then over to the 36th...Before you retire go through all your medical records and make sure that if you have any conditions make sure there is a diagnosis. It will help out if you file a claim with the VA.
    9. Odimus
      Don't know why I didn't get this...Retirement was great while it lasted!!! I work at the VA now working Veteran's claims. How's it going with you? Where did you wind up settling down out?
    10. GAIN-MOB
      big difference but I wouldn't have gotten it...I bought mine before I learned about 5startuning in the vendor section...I would've went with them for the SCT programmer because it programmable....I have set tunes by superchips...5startuning can customize 5 tunes for you for what you have installed on the truck...what u plan on using the truck for...and what u want to do in the future...SAME PRICE!!! so I HIGHLY suggest to go that route...

      but to answer ur question with my exhaust and intake i saw a drastic difference in mpg's using the gas saver custom...i went from 19 hwy to 22-24 mpgs depending on how heavy my foot was...and 17-19 city mpgs...i am satisfied with my programmer seldom use the 87 performance setting
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    04 EB/26" Gianelle Mallorca's/Lexani 305-30-26 tires/5&15% tint/35% windshield+visor/billet UPR-LWR grille/IPCW LED Black Tails/SICK HID's Retro 6K head&fog HIDs/Flowmaster Exhaust/K&N Intake/Power Stop drilled&slotted rotor kit/Superchips Vortex 1950/Pioneer AVIC-D3 Nav/DVD/BT/Boss 15" w/DVD player/12" headrest/2-18" PSI Audio/8 Massive Audio 6.5/3 Nx4 amps/4 Skar Audio 8"/2 Skar Audio 4500.1 amps/Patriot Decals/PTM hitch cover/Eibach Anti-Sway Bar/2" Ground Force drop springs/Suncore conversion


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