2008 won't start

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    Yes, the engine turns over, but only if I short across the Starter relay. I checked that relay and it is fine. I don't know if the fuel pump cycles (bad hearing), but that won't keep the engine from turning over with the key.
    I noticed today that it is the securilock indicator, not the child safety door lock indicator that is flashing, indicating the securilock system is active. This is obviously what is preventing the engine from turning over. Is it possible I knocked a wire loose under the dash while fiddling with the brake switch and the interlock switch, or in the engine compartment while trying to get the radiator out?
    I tried both keys, with the same problem, so it is not a bad key.
    Tested the PCM relay and it works fine.
    Can't find the securilock transmitter that is supposed to be above the steering column.

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