Grinding noise from front end

Discussion in 'Transmission & Drive train' started by seansolo, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Ok guys, here goes a fun one. I have a 99 EB Edition 4x4. It looks like it is in AWD all the time then you switch to 4x4 when needed. So i recently went down and had tires put on the rig. The shop accidentally put an LT 285 on the right front and the rest were Passenger rated 265 tires. Upon leaving the shop i noticed this horrible sound and returned. They couldn't determine that what they did could be causing noise, and the following day a manager called me realizing the wrong size. They switched it out to the proper tire and the bulk of the noise went away. I have been driving it for a week and I am hearing similar sounds upon medium accleration. I contacted tire shop and am now going to take it to a driveline and gear shop next week. Does anyone know if this tire size and rating difference driven around for 15 or so miles could have done any damage in there or is it pretty hearty? All i know is it was quiet as can be before going to tire shop now i am worried all the time about permanent damage. Any ideas would be great. Thanks guys.

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