What hitches are you using? Anyone using an EL with an EQ/31ft bunkhouse successfully?

Discussion in 'Towing & Hauling' started by daftdesigner, Jun 7, 2017.

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    Konabean, I'm using a Blue OX WDH, with a 29' TT and 7000lbs, on my 2014 limited. I also had problems with the mechanical level system set up. The camper dealer set it up when we picked up the trailer and it looked pretty squat. I could hardly keep in on the road the front was light and its was very unstable. When I got home the truck had come up 3". I think it increased my tongue weight and loosened the WDH tension. I have since lowered the hitch 3 holes and I always lock the WD hitch on the same links even if I have to lift my truck a bit with the tongue jack to get it there. My setup is not level when I start out but after about a mile or two if I stop and look it look proper and pulls well
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    I tow a 3220bh passport with my 12 nav l till it got totaled last Christmas. We just got a 17 expedition el we use a equalizer hitch and love it.

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    WOW!! You tow a 32' trailer with a 12 Navi, and now a 17 Expy? DAMN!!

    I saw the 3220 dry is around 7k, and then stuff with it(hitch, cloths, camper stuff, you, wife, kids, pets etc) has to exceed 2000lbs, so thats 9k roughly... I thought in good towing we arent suppose to exceed 80% tow capacity?? I tow a Starcraft 27BHU with a 03 Expy. It tows it just fine, but I am at 6300 dry, and we dont take to much stuff with us, so puts us around 7700 loaded. I am over my 80% some, but we also dont tow far away either. I have a "generic WDH with sway, and a prodigy brake controller.

    I am NOT knocking what you said, or telling you that your foolish or anything. I am glad that you posted it, so nowI know that in the future I can go to a newer Expy like a 2009 to 2012, and a bigger trailer and wont have issues! Thank you!
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