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Discussion in 'Exterior' started by Flight-ER-Doc, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Nov 4, 2016
    A few months ago my Expedition was broken into, the thief smashed the drivers side windows. I got the glass replaced, but I just noticed that the gasket on the outside of the drivers door window is missing...and water is getting into the door. It drips out slowly, which is a rust threat.

    Is it possible to replace the gasket? I'm headed back to the glass shop, because I also noticed the window is not straight in the channel (the distance between the glass and the missing gasket is not even).

    The insurance company more or less forced me to use SafeGlass, but I must say I am not impressed. The tech that replaced the glass did a very poor job cleaning up, and did not secure the glass in the regulator. The next day I had to go back and have it redone, and even three months later I still find broken glass in the car (supposedly Safeglass got it all,) and then three full car washes... and piles of glass in the middle seat latches.

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