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  1. cbr629
  2. Rod Smith
    Rod Smith
    2017 Expedition EL Platinum Black on Black
  3. Kenerator
    04 EB, 4x4, 2-valve 5.4
  4. Douglasf1378
    Douglasf1378 HawkX66
    Do you still have the towing mirrors for sale? If so, how much with shipping to Atlanta?
  5. Captain Kirk
    Captain Kirk
    2017 Expedition Limited EL
  6. eric von kramer
    eric von kramer Hamfisted
    noticed a small puddle of trans fluid under my 2008 expedition. near the rear. My mechanic ( not a transmission guy) said it was leaking from an area near the rear where it looks like wires go in the housing. he said might be an Oring that needs replacing. It only leaked the 1 time now it appears fine and acts ok
  7. Expedowner
    Just bought 2018 Expedition and can't seem to find any info on what the "Door Function" button does located on my upper console.
  8. Tom T
    Tom T Mike Wolfe
    Hi Mike, why do you prefer 5star for your 4gen Expedition over the Livernois?

    thanks much
  9. Sgt Darkness
    Sgt Darkness aggiegrad05
    Hey, there’s a somewhat fix for the mirrors....go to 4th Gen and it’s under the thread “service department visit”. Seems they flashed the PCM and one other node. Hope that helps dude.....
  10. parkerdoug383
    I have an 04 Eddie Bauer it has no sunroof or running boards I thought the Eddie Bauer’s came fully loaded