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  1. Juan Eaton
    Juan Eaton
    I have an 2010 ford expedition and I was wondering if and 6.2 engine from and 2010 f150 can be installed and if still use same transmission
  2. ManUpOrShutUp
    ManUpOrShutUp Bedrck47
    Sorry to hear about Bob's passing. We exchanged a number of emails awhile back and he really helped me out with some wiring issues. RIP Bob.
  3. 18MaxPlat
    2018 Expedition Max Platinum
  4. fordexpylvr
    Do red cars cost more?
  5. greez
    Expeditionary status on hold.
  6. Buzz1132
    For no reason. I was able to push the arm back in. All the functions still work. Has anyone experienced this before?
  7. Buzz1132
    I have a 2004 Expedition Eddie Bauer the signal/control arm detached from the steering column it still works but the brights come on
  8. CriminalslangNAVI
    04 Expedition engine misfire
    1. CriminalslangNAVI
    2. CriminalslangNAVI
      Jul 4, 2018
  9. David82lightning
    David82lightning 04SVT
    Hi I know is a long shot but do you have any of the triple dash cluster for sale
  10. Tamara Hock
    Tamara Hock
    adding photo.