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  1. laketrash
    laketrash splne1

    I ran across a post of yours from 2017, did you ever get the 3/2+3" 09 f150 body lift installed?

    If you did and posted about it, could you reply with the link?

    I'm driving an f150 now but thinking about an expedition again if this combo of lifts worked out for you.

  2. FlatBrokeCrysta
    Still going strong 214k
  3. Michael D Neal
    Michael D Neal
    Now it is staying with the will not. Any ideas as to what would cause this? Mike
  4. Michael D Neal
    Michael D Neal
    The history is some times it will start right up and some sometimes it will not.
  5. Michael D Neal
    Michael D Neal
    I have a 2001 expedition 4.6l. Its turning over, good gas, no issues with key but still will not start.
  6. CookieMan12
    Back here with a Silver 2017 Expy
  7. SWADE23
    SWADE23 Trainmaster
    Just wantedt to say thanks for all the info... I really appreciate it.
    Thank you!
  8. jbowen
    2013 exp. frt wipers only work on high. Intermittent doesnt work I replaced wiper arm. I thought it was switch. Now motor?
  9. Rapid
    Hello I have a 2012 limited and wondering how do I check to see which front aid sensor is bad?
  10. Al Radant
    Al Radant
    Took my 2011 Expedition to Dealer say I need to replace VDM for a droppy rearend where is this module located ?