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Removed EB Door Molding

A few snapshots of the work, not the best pictures but still gives you an idea of how much of a cleaner look it provides. Approximate job time: 1hr 30min MY steps: 1: Poor goo-gone all over door trim and allow to soak for 2-4 minutes 2: Use heat gun (or blow dryer) to heat an edge of the door molding 3: If you can't use your fingers to begin prying off the door molding, use a box cutter blade; BUT be very careful when doing this as you can very easily scratch your paint 4: After you have removed the door molding (4 pieces total) you will have lots of adhesive residue left over. To remove this, begin to soak the adhesive with goo-gone again, allowing it to soak. Then pull out your heat gun and begin to heat the adhesive 5: I do not recommend using anything other than your fingers to remove the adhesive, but if you wish to use a blade... Be my guest, but it as at your own risk. 6: Take a microfiber cloth with goo-gone on it and give it one last final scrub 7: Take your car into the driveway and wash it like it's never been washed before! After doing this, you will notice that most of the adhesive has begun to disappear. After it has been washed and dried, use a clay bar to eliminate the contaminants of the adhesive, and then finally... give it a few coats of wax and you are done!