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CertusExpo, Jun 9, 2019
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    • Donald Bell
      Love it what size tire set up do you have I wanted mine to look like this for the longest
    • CertusExpo
      Thank you for the compliment.

      Those are 35x12.50r17 tires.
    • Donald Bell
      I went with 285s which are equivalent to 33s just a bit narrower, I was told not to go any bigger as I'd mess up something's but I remembered yours and decided that at some point im going to go with 35s, thanks boss!
    • CertusExpo
      Not sure what you'd 'mess up'. Did they articulate what it was you'd allegedly mess up? I can tell you, they will fit WAY easier without the running boards however, with some trimming, they can stay.

      As far as fitting the 35's, a lift was 100% required. I went the max when I located a 3.5"F/3"R kit. On a side note with that. I highly recommend replacing the upper control arms as if they are worn or even aged, the highly steep angle the ball joints end up will finish off a worn ball joint.

      Like with any modification, there's an opposite reaction to the initial action. The ball joints being one, the other is possible accelerated wear and re-replacement. I'm about 7 months into my uppers and just replaced the lowers about a month ago.

      Another opposite reaction was from the lift. The steeper angles caused the trucks to tire track width to narrow significantly to the point, I was immediately concerned with the higher center of gravity versus its narrowness and higher potential for rollover.
      I bought and added 3" spacers to push the wheel/tires out to regain the stability. I also, in preparation for the lift, had previously bought and installed aftermarket anti-sway bars from Hellwig. The front is at least twice as thick as OEM and it came with replacement front/rear poly bushings to replace the OEM rubber ones that were also tired.

      You could, as I am am going to, delete the spacers by swapping to a wheel with less backspacing that will 'push' the tires out negating the need for spacers.

      The goals for my Expo I'm sure different than yours so my suspension mods aren't stopping there. But with the above suggestions, the 35s will fit, a stable and safe width will be achieved, and service life will be adequate.

      Between the spacers and anti-sway bars, she is so so stable. I like to 'test' my vehicles and what they are capable of in case a real-life 'Evasive Maneuver' is required and can tell you, she tracks sure and steady in some pretty hideous scenarios. Have had to throw her a couple of lanes over to avoid a pile-up and she didn't skip a beat. Dare I say... better than OEM.

      If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
    • Donald Bell
      @CertusExpo I've did full suspension front/rear replacement before I put 2.5 inch lift in front, none in back and got and alignment as well. Was thinking of putting a 1.5 inch lift in the rear eventually. Not really going off road with her just want that look and I'm saving it to pass on to my son when he starts driving (he only 8 lol) and he'll have something cool and reliable as his first vehicle/truck. Now I want to put my 2.5 inch spacers on but I've never jacked up an SUV/ size Truck this size before so I'm sort of scared to do so and I don't even know where the jacking points are. I have 4x4 blocks I can use as chalks and the factory jack but no jack stands so I'm at a loss at what else may need or can do. Some help there would be so nice!
    • Donald Bell
      View my media to see my build so far and feel free to leave a comment or suggestions!
    • CertusExpo
      @Donald Bell

      I'll take some pictures and point out jacking points however, that varies based on what you're trying to gain access to. I've jacked up from main support areas. Never the middle of a cross truss but where the truss meets the chassis is fine. I've also jacked from the control arm itself or the pumpkin on the differential.
    • Donald Bell
      Thanks bro I got my brother in law who has one to finally help, he showed me the jacking points and said the exact same things you pointed out on here! Thank brother boss
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