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    To the Max or Not?

    Big question is what size family you have, different things you would expect to haul with you, and how often you think you'd need the extra space. With two kids playing sports, traveling for various events, etc. I am thankful that we went with the Max. My opinion is it's better to have the...
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    FORD ESP Warranty value (2022 limited SPP)

    I had a Ford extended service plan on our 2007 Expedition; it came in handy multiple times. I also purchased the extended warranty from Ford on my wife's 2022 Expedition. With the amount of electronics, etc. in the car now, it doesn't take much to wish you had the warranty. As a previous...
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    Ford Dealer Service departments compared to other brands

    The two Ford dealerships that I utilize in Cincinnati are very nice. Great waiting areas, pull-in service bay, etc.
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    Running Boards

    Speaking from past experience, the motor on one of the running boards was $1K w/ labor through Ford. I was able to find a motor on Ebay from someone, but it was difficult to find one for the EL. I had that motor replaced myself. I later added an extended warranty through Ford and the other...
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    22 King Ranch - interior rattle

    Anyone else have an extremely annoying rattle coming from the interior passenger side? I haven't been able to specifically isolate where it's coming from, but it drives both my wife and me nuts! I have an appointment for the dealer to look at it next Monday, but my optimism of them finding and...
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    Navigation of Choice on 15” Sync4

    Very pleased with the factory navigation. Recently traveled to Florida from Ohio during the holidays and the navigation did a great job of keeping me on the fastest route and providing real-time updates on traffic and delays.
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    About to Buy my First Expedition - Limited Stealth - Thoughts Please

    I'd run with the '22. It's available, sounds like it has what you want, it's close....close the deal at a good price!
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    2022 Expedition XLT - adding fog lights

    Ford hasn't been helpful, but there is an aftermarket shop that does great work in Cincinnati. They're able to add fog lights so it looks the same as OEM for ~ $350. My plan is to go that route but just haven't had the time to do so yet.
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    '22 King Ranch - brake squeeling

    For the $180 they proposed a brake and caliper service to "clean up the slides and pins." This was at Beechmont Ford, which is closest to me. I typically drive out to Lebanon Ford but Beechmont was able to get me in quicker.
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    '22 King Ranch - brake squeeling

    My wife's '22 King Ranch has had some rear brake squealing going on the last couple of weeks (just hit 5K miles). I took it into the dealership and the tech noted that he could "feel something going on" with the back brakes, but mechanically pads/rotors/calipers checked out. Dealership then...
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    2022 15 inch display going black, will not turn on after turning truck on and off a couple of times. Anyone know what I should do?

    Say what?!?!?!?!?!?!? They offered no other solution than "oh well, just wait!"? This is crazy.
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    Front sensors

    Did you have any success in doing this or finding any information?
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    2022 Expedition XLT - adding fog lights

    Correct - they said Ford couldn't add them as an accessory addition. I purchased mine from a dealer that wasn't pre-ordered.
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    2022 Expedition XLT - adding fog lights

    Love my new XLT, but the big thing I'd really like to add are fog lights. Has anyone done this on their XLT? I want it to look as stock as possible and this isn't something Ford offers (from what I was told by my dealer). Interested in other's experience and how it looks afterward.
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    Bumper Hitch Cover Falling Out

    Does anyone have the part # for this? Also, does it come painted silver or do you have to have it painted as well? Mine either fell off (which I don't think happened, since I think the tabs are pretty sturdy), or someone stole it. Hate not having the hitch cover on.