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    22 Timberline - Cascading Errors/Inoperable

    My F150 did a similar thing and it came down to the tech loosening and re-tightening (per Fords instructions) all grounds to the chassis. When that was accomplished, the error codes went away and I never had another issue.
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    Front wheel bearing time 2014

    How many miles? Front wheel bearings very unusual unless many miles.
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    How many owners out there with no major issues?

    I have had no issues with my 2017 Expedition XLT with about 48,000 miles.
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    ForScan Tweaks - 2015+

    It's too bad Ford doesn't allow you to program your screens the way you want them.
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    Just curious?

    Hopefully, you saved a file with the original codes. I think you amy have to call up that file, load and write it, then save.
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    Had to replace rear shocks in the strut

    So 6 months ago. I had to replace my rear struts on 2017 Expedition XLT with 45,000 miles. Now, oil is again showing at the seal. Took back to Ford and they say factory is advising that a small leak is part of the design to keep the seal moist. They say oil has to cover 3/4 of the strut or be...
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    Things I'd like to see on the 2022 Exp's (coming from a 2020 KR)

    I would like an option to lay out my own electronic display. I can do it on my boat's GPS, I wonder why Ford can't figure it out.
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    Update Navigation maps

    Don't get me wrong, I really like my Expedition but the mapping and navigation system totally sucks. Don't waste your money on an update. Ford should be ashamed.
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    Wind noise from driver's door?

    I just turn my hearing aides off.
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    Wind Noise 2017

    I'm totally satisfied with my 2017 Expedition EXCEPT it sounds a bit loud with wind noise while travelling down the interstate. Has anyone done something to quiet the ride?
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    Adding OEM 360 Camera to 2018 Expedition This help?
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    SYNC3 gone crazy

    It's a lot of little things... until this morning. Bluetooth not synching to my phone. I can hear the caller but the caller can't hear me. I turn the radio (Serius) off and when I turn it back on it doesn't return to the channel I was listening to when I turned it off (or stopped the engine)...
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    I want to lock my keys inside!..pls advise

    I have kept my keys locked in my F250, F150 and Expedition forever! ALL my keys have been kept in there. Stupid? Probably, yes - but convenient for sure. Mant of my Buds know the door code. Stupid again, yes. Convenient, yes and yes. As a matter of fact, all the codes were the same. Take...
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    Expedition worth the extra money??

    I got 14,500 off when I bought my 2017 XLT with 2,800 miles. I am told in FL when the odometer turns 3K it's a used vehicle. Not sure if that's true or not but the price was right. It was loaded with options.
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    Splash / mud guards

    Likewise I used the weather tech ones on my 2017 and they fit up perfectly. Installed in around 15 minutes.