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    2013 XLT EXPY need shoes

    Cool bike. Around here we call the guys that ride those organ donors. A bit too congested for the way most young guys ride those crotch rockets. Love that color scheme!!
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    2013 XLT EXPY need shoes

    Sounds like you need a set of winter tires, especially towing snowmobiles to, you know, snow! If your wallet allows, a second set of wheels with the winters already mounted is the easiest way to go. You get to practice your NASCAR pit crew skills twice a year! A set of dedicated winter tires...
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    Help with 4x4 auto

    On mine I can definitely tell when I put it in 4A. You can feel more stuff moving in the driveline. But 90% of my driving is in 2H. Maybe if it's raining really hard I may put it in 4A. In snow - and I mean driving on unplowed streets, etc., I use 4H. 4A if it's a bit slushy and the plows...
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    Transmission Wrench Symbol

    Well, take comfort in the fact that they can at least identify the problem. We all hear the stories of service departments throwing parts at a problem hoping it fixes it. Good luck with the repair!
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    Daytime Running Lights - Forscan

    Mine is a 2016 and no DRL from the factory. But I believe you can enable them via FORSCAN if you want.
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    Painting chrome on power running boards

    You just want them blacked-out? PlastiDip is pretty tough if applied correctly and has the bonus of being able to be peeled off if you don't like it.
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    Am I overloaded? 28' Bunkhouse...

    You should be fine. I tow a 30' camper - about 33' to the ball. 6500lbs or so plus maybe 750lbs of "stuff". The WD hitch is the key. Get it set up and maybe some fine tuning adjustments you should be good to go. I pump up my tires to 40psi and trailer tires at stated max. Remember - most...
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    Rear Fog Lights

    Anthony - One thing that comes to mind is Ford sells cars all over the world. Rear fogs are common in Europe, but not here. Could be that the car is "wired" for it but all the parts are not installed. I had a 2001 Audi S4 that had rear fogs but in NA it was only an extra bulb in one taillight...
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    Wastegate flutter at high gear + low RPM

    Elias - Welcome to the forum and I want to compliment you on using the forum the way it is intended. Great technical info and no snide comments or opinions. Happy New Year!
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    Dealer wants to buy my Expedition back from me

    I get 3 or 4 of these postcards in the mail every week. Especially in a crowded market like suburban Chicago. I have 2 dealers of every brand within a 10 minute drive of my house. Oldest trick in the book. If you so much as engage in a conversation with them, they feel the hook is set. I...
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    Do you all trust Kelly Blue Book Ranges

    The other advantage to trading in is in the taxes. Illinois recently capped the amount you can deduct from the deal but if you were to buy a car in cash or financing it for say $50K, here in IL the state will tack on another $4,125 or so in tax. Plus license fees, etc. and any local county...
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    Do you all trust Kelly Blue Book Ranges

    If selling on your own, be prepared that out of 10 calls you get, 8 will be local wholesalers looking to lowball you for a quick transaction. Carmax is easy but they will typically offer you the KBB wholesale price. But you're out of there in less than an hour with a check. When I was in for...
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    Wind Noise 2017

    The wind is a tough one as we are pushing a huge box down the road. Not much we can do about that one. Make sure your roof rack crossbars are all the way back if not using them. Some have commented that front bar makes some noise. My best noise mitigation was new Michelin tires.
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    Help choose new lug nuts

    Z4Mguy - Thanks for the info and the pics - where did you source the lug nuts? Thanks!
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    CCD Replacement Costs? (Continuously Controlled Damping)

    That dealer that quoted you $3800+ is a shyster or they pulled a number out of you know where. Rock Auto price is about $1,768 for all 4. I seriously doubt it's $2K in labor. I have 62K on mine with about 7500 miles towing 7,000 lbs and no issues. I worry more about things like the head unit...

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