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Aug 28, 2013
Feb 3, 2011
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Tampa, Florida

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Aug 28, 2013
    1. Jghagler
      hey, I have a question. When you put the 3" spacers on did you have to change out arms and shocks? Or were you able to leave those the same?
    2. firepopp
      Can you give me a quick list of things I should buy. I see that ebay has 3" + 2" lift kits. I don't see a 3" rear spacer on ebay. I will be buying the monroe 90010 setup and the pa body lift kit. Did you at one time have a 3/2 lift kit.
      1. Torsion bars?
      2. 3" billet aluminum spring spacers
      3. 3" body lift
    3. bojaz01
      hello....i was wondering.....you have 35s on what looks like the stock wheels, i have a 99 with the same wheels what im wondering is if yours are 17x7.5s too.....Im looking to do a torsion spacer lift and would like to put on 33x12.5 tires...just want to know if they would safely fit on my wheels....
    4. catmaster25
      I just love the original look bro... (Round of applause) good looking Expo, or Expy lol
    5. workman8505
      yea those are fairly aversive. lol
    6. workman8505
      yea i just figured there was more sand than mud lol. and even the mud probably has sand in it. i know every where ive been in FL had lots of the stuff even inland but ive never been really far inland like Orlando thats the city right smack dab in the middle right lol. i know i want to get a 3 in BL when i get down there and some decent tires at least maybe some wheels and tires idk what'll go on the stock alloys thats aggressive tread.
    7. workman8505
      i figured maybe would should stop thread jacking over on frito's post but i cant wait to get down there and play in the sand with you guys. i'm fairly good in this ga crap we call dirt but i think sand will be a fun new chalenge my wife is going for a promotion with wireless advocates in costco and if she gets it we will be moving to sarahsota fl in 5 to 6 months sould be fun
    8. mudryder18
      Sweet, yea that Zone will look good with what you already have. I have 16x8, 0 offset, 2in. spacers on rear and 1.5 in. spacers on front. I would suggest going to a 17 or 18in. wheel. The tires might cost a little more but you will have a better selection of wheels and tires. I would also look for wheels that are 10in wide or more.
    9. BakerEdition
      sorry about the headache...LOL...I am in Tennessee not Florida....
    10. the sarge
      the sarge
      thank you i will have that done on saturday
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    1997 Ford Expedition EB 4x4 5.4L
    11" Lift and 35" Muds
    Lifted Expy Club!

    Zone 6" suspension Lift - 3.73 LSD - Tbars Cranked - 3" PA Body Lift - 35" BFG KM2s - 17x8 Ultra Makos - Monroe Coil Overs - Straight Pipe - Kenwood DDX318 HU - Hifonics 1000.1D AMP - 4 15" Kicker CVRs in custom 24cube box - Kicker KS68 - Pioneer 6x8s - 5% limo tinted - PlastiDipped Trim - 8000k 55w HID Headlights - ZXE Fogs.
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