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    Lucas Oil Complete Fuel Treatment

    Haven't tried the fuel treatment. But the oil stabilizer is great. Ever since I spun the gears on the display at my local commercial lawnmower retailer, I was sold. I don't think I've done an oil change on anything since without it.
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    1st & 2nd Gen Interchangeable Parts List?

    Hey everyone, I have been a long time lurker, and love this site. Haven't posted a thread because I can usually find what I'm looking for by searching. So here is the deal. I have my rust free 1999 Eddie Bauer on stands in the garage now rebuilding all the suspension. I gave my 2003 Eddie...
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    Help I've tried everything 99 expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 Triton

    Flashing overdrive light means the transmission set codes. Use an OBD scanner that reads transmission codes.
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    Door sensor data error- VSM issues?

    I had the same issues on my 03 Expy. I fixed the issue by replacing some wires in the step panel under drivers door. I think it was a purple wire that fixed it. Can't remember for sure, because I replaced more than one. But got everything working again like that. Mine was auto headlights...