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Oct 19, 2015
    1. kira
      Hi...jus hve a question...i hve a 99 expedition my air shocks are gone in the u know anything about conversion kits and if i can only do rear kit? Thx
    2. BakerEdition
      whats up buddy....sorry for so long in getting back to you...finally done moving and just got back from down south...truck ran great... 22.5 mpg @72mph with the cruise set....I think I could squeeze more out with long tube headers all cats gone and a 3" exhuast out the back...flowmaster 70 give it a little rumble but not like anything crazy...need a little back pressure. So what new with you bud? work going ok?
    3. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      sorry thanks for letting me now .
    4. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      Good morning Tom I do not know what I did to make u upset with me . If I did something wrong I am sorry . I would like your in put on my expedition a foow days a go my heater hose that runs to the heater core on the right side of the heater core blew and a lot of coolent went all over the engine know the service engine light is on . what do I have to do any suggestions . Please let me know . Thanks in advance
    5. bricekin
      Not yet. My stealthbox just shipped this afternoon from the Florida warehouse. I should see it on Thursday, I believe, but I probably won't be able to get to the install until this weekend as I'm helping a friend of mine wire his trail truck and helping another friend install the leveling kit on his Super Duty. I'll be taking pictures as usual and posting them into the thread I started in the 3rd gen forum and I'll also start a new thread detailing the process in the audio forum.
    6. VexedEX
      Well a little bit of background is I just drive it to the store and appointments. It's basically there if I need it so It's basically a new toy for me. Gives me something to do so I don't get bored as I am sooo bored these days. I like the current look just looking for recommendations or things to look for that could use improvement! Thanks again
    7. VexedEX
      Hey Hey~ How are you? What's something you recommend me doing to my Expedition? As a new owner I'm still learning and curious about what's best. Thanks!
    8. sgtowing
      I have seen it, and there is definitly scenery to be looked at. All I said is that does not qualify as a beach. When you at the beach, you should not see buildings at the other side of the water.
    9. Expeditionary
      around here we call it the redneck riviera haha. you should see it on a saturday. Seriously good people watching spot LOL
    10. Expeditionary
      hey a buddy of mine and I are going to make a trip out to Lakeland Motorsports this weekend (probably saturday morning) wanted to see if you wanted to come out and bring the expy.
      Lemme know
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