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    Folding Cargo Liners

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    2nd row seat rattle

    My 20 2nd row pass capt chair always rattles like there is loose change in it. Cant figure it out. Started at 5k miles.
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    Wiper issues

    You want to know what I dont like about the automatic front windshield wipers? Of course you do. 2020 expy plat and if the automatic wiper is on, whenever I start the vehicle in the shade or in the garage, the wipers always make one swipe upon engine start. No moisture or rain. Something to do...
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    Window Sticker mystery

    Post the sticker and a picture of the vehicle please.
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    Michelin Premier LTX DT vs Defender LTX M/S

    I just put on a new set of Pirelli Verde All Season Plus on the 20 plat and as expected, they are noticeably smoother and quieter than the Hankooks from the factory. Now I need to sell the 4 Hankook 285/45-22 with 5k miles near sarasota. I had the pirellis on another expy and loved then as...
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    2022 Ford Expedition Timberline

    That is a nice looking expy.
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    Loud Turbo Whistle

    I didn't hear any turbo in that video.
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    Bet some of Wish We Had A Larger/Extended Fuel Tank Now...

    It is frustrating that the expy has such a small tank. I liked the larger tank in the EL but with the 2020 plat it is much much smaller. The expy is a great road trip vehicle. Too bad it has such a small tank.
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    Michelin Premier LTX DT vs Defender LTX M/S

    I had a 15 plat EL with 22's and went though three sets of the the pirelli verde all season plus ii. I thought they were a great tire (snow, rain and dry) and I am going to put them on my 20 plat when the hankooks start to wear out. I don't like the factory hankooks. Those pirellis rode like...
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    Adaptive cruise question

    ACC is awesome. IF you want to override to pass, just press to go pedal. I think it works really well. I even think it works as well as ACC on our tesla.
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    Carplay quits/reconnects

    I use carlinkit and never have to deal with cords.
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    Upgraded Brake Systems anyone?

    I put a powerstop kit on a 15 expyEL with drilled/slotted and pads. Awesome performance with this simple upgrade. No more warping and great stopping power.
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    Wireless android auto

    I use carlinkit 2.0 for my apple phone to 20 expy and it works ok. Crashes sometimes and some of the startup text is in Chinese.
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    New 2020 Expedition owner

    What remote did you buy?
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    New 2020 Expedition owner

    Call the homelink support number in the manual. Does the vehicle recognize the portable remote when you program the homelink button on visor?