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Aug 6, 2015
Jan 4, 2013
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Full Access Members, from Virginia

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Aug 6, 2015
    1. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      I love the look of your truck but I thought u lived in mass . What size tires r u running on what make.
    2. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      Did I do something to get u pissed off at me.
    3. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      How did your toon term out u never let me know I finally got mine installed about 2 mouths ago . She now has a top end tap .
    4. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      what the hells up with our pats today .
    5. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      Good morning r u done with your build have u taken photos of the build can u please let me now . Thanks
    6. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      so how is your build coming
    7. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      Good evening my friend I AM so happy for u and so Julius that u are so far along with your build . Some day I will get mine built but I don't know when . Congrads u have done a lot of work on this keep it up . I hope u post all the picks as u proceed with everything . Good luck
    8. toms89
      Had not planned on it. Will look into it.
    9. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      Good after noon my friend I was wondering what size fuel injectors u went with I am planning on going with 60lb fuel injectors . With 90lb mas sencer . Can u please let me know who u used for your tune . I have a guy down here who I think he dose not no nothing about how to do.
    10. daoud el-massri
      daoud el-massri
      I just read your post I would like to congratulate u on the super charger tune I am jeles .My tune is going to be a while yet because I am going to buy new tires for my truck 275/70/17 courser C/T I have to save up for these . Or sell some of the parts I wish that I have left over from my 2000 expedition . Thanks for your post
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    1998 Eddie Bauer 4x4. Ported PI heads, PI cams, Lightning intake, Johnny-Ported Lightning supercharger/plenum/throttle body @ 8psi, JLT CAI, Full custom exhaust
    SCT tuned & built by www.dirtydirtyracing.com 318rwhp/385rwtq