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    2017 Raptor Wheels

    How do you like these after having them on your vehicle for all this time? I always preferred the look of OEM wheels and these replicas look nice. I found these while searching for 20" OEM wheels to replace the factory 18" wheels on my vehicle so I was wondering if the Ford center caps would...
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    275/70 R18 on stock suspension

    Thanks for the feedback. I noticed you also have a Expedition Max XLT so your input is more relevant to me. It seems to me most of the people posting here have the Limited trim and many have the CCD. Have you changed anything else from the stock setup other than wheels and tires - ex. sway bars?
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    Fuse to tap dashcam?

    It may be an older thread but I found it useful as well. I used #37 for accessory but had to use #29 for constant power as my trim doesn't use #16. From what I read, a 5A should be more than enough - I actually see some recommend as low as 1A or 2A fuses.
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    275/70 R18 on stock suspension

    How did that affect ride quality and handling? I just bought an Expedition Max XLT and was considering going to up 20" wheels as an option in the future.