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    Finally done

    Looks great!
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    Adding skid plates to 2018 Limited with tow package?

    Curious on the Timberline skid plate as well. I'm sitting in the dealership looking at one right now. Seems it would work but not certain.
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    I need some Bilsteins. Is everyone OOS?

    Well this sucks. What's an alternative? I have another leaking OEM rear shock and I'm tired of replacing them waiting on Bilsteins. Is there another decent option without going full suspension lift?
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    Let's See Those Lifted / Big Tire Gen 4s!!

    BFG All Terrains
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    Let's See Those Lifted / Big Tire Gen 4s!!

    2018 4x4 stock with 285 / 60R 20’s.
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    2022 Timberline - First Drive

    I'm currently running 285 / 60r 20's (33.5" x 11") on a stock expedition. I think you would be fine starting here and likely even squeezing a bit more in if desired.
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    Largest no-mods tire size with Bilstein 5100s

    I'm running 285/60R20 BFG KO2's on stock XLT without issue which are 33.5" tall x 11.2" wide. I had 34's on my 2017 and before insurance came and picked it up I swapped them out on my 2019 to see if they fit which they did; however the rears we so close to what I'm calling the body mount of the...
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    Removed Front Airdam

    Agree looks so much better without it. I took mine off the night I brought it home. Haven’t noticed any air noise or performance with mixed Hwy/town use since.
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    Eibach F150 2wd Front shocks, Bilstein 5100 rears installed. Success!

    Looks great. Did you do anything to the rear?
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    Bilstein 5100 Lift Install

    Trucks look great guys. Appreciate you sharing the details. I'm considering these 5100's as well but also curious if the 2wd 150 5100's would yield an inch less give their specs. Doesn't seem that anyone has actually tried this out yet only speculation based on paper measurements.