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    Oil Leak - Is this Bad?

    Fordtechmaculoco quoted me around $4000 for a full timing job on my 2007 Expedition. I would say find a mechanic you trust or make a trip to the Chicagoland area and have FTM set you up right. $3000 seems pretty steep for just a gasket.
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    Thump when stopping and sometimes when taking off

    I would check the rear diff support bracket. There is a bushing in it that wears out and causes the thump. FordTechMaculoco has a video on how to replace it.
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    2008 Expedition XLT clunking when accelerating and slowing down.

    You might want to check the rear differential support bracket. There is a bushing in it that wears out and and when the diff is torqued the extra play causes a clunk. I think I noticed mine more when putting the vehicle in gear. Try sitting and going through all of the gears and listen for a...
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    2013 Expedition MAX at stop light, brief white smoke from under hood, passenger side. Smell's electrical.

    About a year ago one of the heater core extention connectors on my 2007 expedition let go and started dumping coolant on the exhaust and causing a white "smoke" and also started overheating. I found the other one leaking recently after having to top off the coolant a few times. Also there was...