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    Radio/infotainment issues build 22251

    Same. It wasn't coming up as an available update over wifi, but I was able to download it onto a USB drive.
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    Ford finally fixed all of the crazy issues they caused with Sync 3

    For those of you that have been suffering with Sync issues over the past several months, the end is in sight. Starting the car to have a blank AM station blasting, or maybe Sirius channel 0; voice commands telling you your phone is not connected; all of your settings reverting back every time...
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    Need new rubber on my 2020

    I just ordered them from Costco but didn't get them installed yet. I put the same tires on my wife's pathfinder last year and we really like them, so I went with them for the Expy. Only have 20k on the Hankooks but I've had enough of them.
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    2nd row captain chairs versus 2nd row split bench with dogs?

    I'm guessing you have advice on how to remove drool stains from the car. It's amazing how hard they are to remove.
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    Extended Warranty not in FordPass

    I do not see mine either. I thought it was referring to a service plan as opposed to a warranty when I looked at it. I'll have to look into this now. I purchased mine in May.
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    2020 Expy Limited in-dash display??

    No, sorry. It will display the navigation directions. I keep the center console on the home setting where it displays the audio.
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    2020 Expy Limited in-dash display??

    I can display those. I added all of my favorites to "my list" so that I don't have to jump all over trying to find them.
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    Purchase help needed! 4x4 vs 4x2 ... and platinum vs Limited 302a

    I went with the Limited 302a because I liked the look of the 302a/platinum wheels and it still had all of the options that I wanted. I was happy with the leather quality in the Limited and I didn't feel like I needed the massage seats. I also feel like I get plenty of power with the 375/470.
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    2020 Max platimum Front Camera Image Dark

    This seems to be a 2020 thing. I'm at 3000 miles and the rear camera has done it from time to time. I also got the crazy colored lines once.
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    2020 Expedition Max Platinum Purchase Help

    Price your trade in with Zoom and Carvana as well. I sold mine to Vroom as they offered me 2k more than Ford. It was especially nice because I was taking the 0% financing. I ended up going with a limited with 302a because I had trouble getting them to move on the hard to find platinum.
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    2018 Expo VS 2021 Tahoe test drive.

    Struggled to pull its own weight??? Okay
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    2020 Max platimum Front Camera Image Dark

    Mine did it for a couple days and then stopped. I'm pretty sure it will be fine until I have 36,001 miles.
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    2020 Max platimum Front Camera Image Dark

    The same thing happened with my rear camera for a few days and then it stopped. I'm sure it was something with the sensor by the way it flickered back and forth when I backed out of my garage. I haven't had it looked at yet.