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    Is A/C cold at idle/around town in 2015-2017’s?

    I'm down the road in Tucson. I bought my 2015 back in 2020 with 70k. (Actually picked it up at Camelback Ford). It has always treated me well in terms of AC, until this last summer. Seeing as we set a record number of days over 110 and 100 degrees, I did notice it was a bit taxing on the ac...
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    Time for tires, Michelin Defender LTX vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT

    I put some of the Toyo Open Country AT/3s on the expedition last year. I've enjoyed them so far. Went to Flagstaff for Thanksgiving and got a bit of snow while there. They performed great. I got them in 285/55r20, but in 114T and SL. I don't tow anything.
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    2016 cylinder misfire issue

    This. I remember reading on here a while back when I was going through my plug woes, a guy who had to go back to his retailer like 3 times before he got plugs that were all pre-gapped in spec.
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    2016 cylinder misfire issue

    What brand of plug? Cause motorcraft are garbage (and their pregap is as garbage as they are). I replaced mine with NGK Ruthenium gapped at .028 and I've not experienced a single misfire since. Edit: I forgot that I also ordered mine one step colder.
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    Bumper cover extension hardware

    Wife was in an accident a couple of weeks back, so I'm working on replacing the bumper cover and extension on the R side. I came across these bolt/rivet/things connecting the extension to the cover, and am having a hard time ID'ing them. No name or part number that I've been able to find. Can...
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    2017 Expedition - Jerky acceleration, misfires (P304, P300, P305)

    As has been mentioned, I would re-inspect the plugs. My 2015 had similar symptoms, and I replaced all the plugs once. The issue was gone for about 13k miles and it was back. All the plugs were already chewed up. These EBs will eat regular plugs up for breakfast. I upgraded to the NGK ruthenium...
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    Tire size and KYB vs Monroe strut

    I recently bought tires and was doing a lot of reading and searching for plus sized tire answers. I recall something like anything with a less than 5% change is relatively safe. But don't quote me on that as I did a lot of reading and searching the forum for about 6 weeks before making a...
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    2017 Max Tire Size?

    Max tire size is always an interesting topic. I spent an exhausting amount of time researching this recently. I have a 2015 Limited 2wd with the 20" wheels, 275/55 stock. I wanted more surface area contact, so I was specifically looking for wider tires. I went with 285/55r20 Toyo Open Country...
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    Ambient temp and fan oddities

    I also have the HD towing package. The fans have always had the roar to them since I purchased used in 2020 with 70k miles. A quick search at the time seem to indicate that it was normal. So now that its making a audibly different sound and not as loud, I've been suspicious since this started. I...
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    Ambient temp and fan oddities

    Update: I’m going to be at the helm of the Expy for the next 4 days. This morning I snapped a reference pic of my cold coolant level, then drove the kids to school. I noted that at best, the ambient temp was reading 7* higher than the actual temp, and at worst got to a 10* difference. I...
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    Ambient temp and fan oddities

    Thanks for the replies all. Some stuff for me to further investigate. A few things about the truck since I left it out in the OP: 2015 Limited 2wd, 108,*** miles. Daily driver, short distances. LOTS of ideling. I’ll check on it tonight when I get home, and I’ll be driving it over the next few...
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    Ambient temp and fan oddities

    I read through quite a few threads but didn’t quite find anything similar. A couple of days ago my wife was waiting to pick up our kids from school, and texted me that the AC suddenly started to feel more like room air (cool but not cold). We’ve been in a heat advisory for over a month, but we...
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    Control Arms for Lifted 2015 XLT

    The UCA angle of the 3/2 lift is brutal. Like it’s odd they say it’s totally cool. I watched their YouTube install video of those and tons of comments on the angle it produces. Not sure of an aftermarket UCA option specifically for the 3/2.
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    Not Sure If We Made The Right Choice…

    When I bought my used 2015 expy back in 2020, the drivers side seat control panel was missing. But the dealer had ordered a new one and was just waiting on the part to come in to install it. I would imagine that what they should do, not sure what their interior guy is going to rig up to “fix...
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    Spark plugs and coil packs 2017

    I had just posted the other day in my thread about my misfire. Just upgraded to the one step colder NGKs gapped at .028”. I’m all stock, no tune. Just a JLT passenger side catch can and a weep hole. My Motorcraft plugs were garbage after only 15k miles, and cylinder 1 (one my my misfires) had a...
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    Strange misfire

    I actually used your link from another thread to verify part numbers. I did wind up buying them off RockAuto, just because I got them for ~$65 shipped, and they happened to all be gapped at .028 out of the box. But so far they’ve been phenomenal, especially compared to how it was driving.
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    Strange misfire

    So over the last week or so the expy was just misfiring like crazy, not always throwing the flashing check engine light, but it was seriously annoying. So I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a set of the NGK Rutheniums. The Motorcrafts had right around 15k miles. The gap on all of them...
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    Buying a 3rd gen, what year is best?

    I love my 15 Limited. I don’t do any towing, just hauling around 3 kiddos. Bought it used with 70k back in 2020. Just under 103k now, and haven’t had any major issues. My only experience with the 5.4 was my dads 2001 F150. For what it’s worth, he’s had no major issues. With well over 200k, he...
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    Strange misfire

    It was just a code puller from AutoZone. I’m don’t have my own.
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    Strange misfire

    We tend to be mostly arid in the winter months, humidity has been low 20s/high teens. We did have some rain, but not the week I had my misfire. In regards to the gapping of plugs, I mean I just just a gap tool because as Loki pointed out, I think 4-5 of my were way over gapped. Today, I got...
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    Strange misfire

    The more I’ve read about the OEM plugs, the more I wished I had just spent the extra on the Rutheniums. I may just upgrade for the hell of it and not worry about it. I haven’t gotten around to actually checking the plugs. The day I swapped the coils I just didn’t have the extra few minutes to...
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    Strange misfire

    I had been keeping track of my catch cans volume in one of the big catch can threads, and I had a couple of misfires occur. I figured I’d document them separately. 2015 2WD limited, 103,*** miles. Plugs are right around 12-13k miles old, auto parts store OEM motocraft, gaps checked and...
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    Catch Can!

    I did. I had my shims out just to measure the old plugs and then checked all the new ones to make sure they weren’t all janky since that seems to be the norm. Just had the codes pulled, P0301 cylinder 1 misfire, P0300 random misfire, and P0303 cylinder 3 misfire. I’ll have to pull the plugs...
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    Catch Can!

    Pulled the can off today to inspect since I last did it 12/23. Definitely some milky look in there now. Our weather has been consistent 30/40s overnight with highs in the 70s. I idle A LOT. I didn’t measure this batch but it looked to be about 25-30mL. I also just last Thursday has a...
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    Catch Can!

    1 week(ish) follow up: 12/15 vehicle mileage 101101, temps high 30s to mid 50s. Can empty. 12/23 vehicle mileage 101394, temps low 40s to mid 50s. Can had 25mL of oil. This is after I measured. I’ll plan to let it sit a bit and see if it separates at all.