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    2018 Expedition Transmission overfilled by Dealer and resulting issues

    I traded my Expy Max for a Yukon XL and noticed the same thing. Around town my transmission temp sits in the 145-165 range. Towing I’ve seen it as high as the mid-180s. With my Expy it would be around 210 in town and mid-230s towing in the mountains.
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    Transmission issue... Puking fluid in driveway

    Have you had any transmission work done lately? A couple of us on the forum have had spewing fluid. It was caused by the dealer overfilling the transmission when doing work on it, and it vented as the pressure built up under load. Mine happened a couple of months after the transmission repair...
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    Transmission Failing timeline

    I had a similar issue. See TSB 22-2145 (
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    Is the transmission oil heat exchanger too weak to protect 10R80 transmission?

    I recently traded my Expedition Max for a new Yukon XL. I noticed the Yukon transmission runs cooler. I'm sure Ford engineered the fluid and transmission to handle the heat, but there's a significant difference. My Expy would sit around 210F in town and go up when towing. The Yukon sits...
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    transmission "popping out of gear"

    I had a similar issue and the dealer fixed it. See TSB 22-2145 (
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    Transmission Issues (Dropping RPMs -- Acceleration Lag)

    It's possible the RPMs shooting up is TSB 22-2145 ( My 2018 would drop into neutral on a downshift, rev up, then clunk back into gear and be fine for a while. See this thread...
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    Stuck on the side of the road with transmission leak, any suggestions?

    Yes, it has the same transmission. I'm just hopeful they've worked out most of the issues by now. The Yukon shifts feel quicker and a little crisper than my Expy, but maybe that's just because it's still new. I have the 6.2L engine and love the sound and feel of the V8. I'm getting about...
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    Stuck on the side of the road with transmission leak, any suggestions?

    The Land Cruiser is legendary. If I didn't need a long wheelbase I would have seriously considered one (or possibly a Sequoia). I ordered a Yukon XL back in November. It arrived a few weeks ago, so I traded the Expedition Max in. I know every vehicle has issues, but I'm hoping to have better...
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    Stuck on the side of the road with transmission leak, any suggestions?

    A similar thing happened to me. I had a TSB fix done for my transmission slipping into neutral when driving. That required dropping the pan. Fast-forward a couple of months and I towed our travel trailer for the first time since the fix. The trans temps spiked, shifts were not smooth, and...
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    Should it be an Ex Expedition?

    I loved my 2018 Expedition Max Limited, but traded it a couple of weeks ago. It had over $10k in warranty work done in 70,000 miles. My dealer was great about fixing everything, but recently appointments were booked a month out, usually took a week, and there were no loaners available. It got...
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    Expediton Vs. 23 Yukon Denali Ultimate

    FWIW, the Yukon has a panoramic roof. I'm surprised the Sierra doesn't since the F-150 offers it. I'm also getting used to the button shifter. It's fine, but I liked the rotary dial on the Expedition. I would have been ok with a column shifter, but I guess those are being phased out.
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    Expediton Vs. 23 Yukon Denali Ultimate

    I traded my 2018 Expedition Max Limited for a 2023 Yukon XL Denali Reserve last week. Your experience with the Sierra is very close to mine with the Yukon. Overall it's an impressive package. The gas mileage on the 6.2L is terrible so far, but hopefully it'll improve after breaking in. I got...
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    Biggest Trailer

    I originally had a Blue Ox SwayPro, but after some research I upgraded to the ProPride. It made a big difference. I have no sway; just get pushed around a bit in certain conditions. I think it's down to the physics of a 7,500lb sail pushing a 6,000lb vehicle. It feels safe and controlled...
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    Biggest Trailer

    I've towed our 33' travel trailer about 9,000 miles with the Expedition. Loaded for a trip it's a little over 7,500lb. The weight isn't an issue, but it can get a little squirrely in the wind.
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    2022 10R80 Transmission Clunky

    The slipping into neutral problem is TSB 22-2145: I had it happen a couple of times on the road, and it was unnerving to say the least. Both times it happened during a downshift where the car shuttered, the engine revved like it was...
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    RIP: 2019 expedition finally died today in the middle of the road - UPDATE blown engine @ 29k miles

    Both of my turbos were rattling and my dealer replaced them. I never talked to the tech, but the writeup said there was excessive impeller play or something like that. I'm not sure if that's true or if it was the wastegates and that's how they justified replacing them. The new ones have stayed...
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    Third Cam Phaser

    I’ve had them replaced twice. The first time was before they did the major redesign of the phasers, and those failed in about a year. The second time used the newest part number. So far so good, but it’s only been a few months.
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    Rain Sensing Wipers

    I have a 2018 Limited and usually leave the wipers in auto. I typically have to manually hit the wipers once (tap the end of the stalk) when I start the engine, and then the auto wipers work as expected. My rear wiper never activates when it's in the off position. It follows whatever the...
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    Expediton Vs. 23 Yukon Denali Ultimate

    They switched to independent rear suspension in 2021.
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    '22 Expedition Rear Lower Shock Bolt Torque 400 lb ft??

    I used this with an impact wrench when I replaced my shocks: I figured 400lb-ft was a lot closer than I could have gotten by hand. Note that the torque stick is 3/4", so I bought a 1/2"-to-3/4" adapter from Harbor Freight.
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    Horn Sounds weak

    I had that problem on mine. There are 2 horns and my low-pitched one quit working. They're hard to access, between the grille and A/C condenser if I remember correctly. If you're standing in front of the grille, they're to the left of the hood latch. The dealer replaced the pair under my...
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    Expediton Vs. 23 Yukon Denali Ultimate

    I tow a 33' ~7,500lb travel trailer with my 2018 Expedition Max Limited w/max tow. It handles the weight fine, but can get a little unsettled in windy conditions. I started looking at trucks to replace it, but my wife really wanted to keep the third row for our 3 kids. So to prove to her all...
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    Noise at higher speeds under constant engine load

    I looked up the TSB because that procedure didn't sound right to me. But sure enough, that's what Ford recommends. It says to remove the vacuum line and cap the ports.
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    PPE aftermarket transmission oil pan

    I just had a transmission TSB fixed that required pulling the pan. I found a puddle of transmission fluid on the garage floor the morning after I got it back. Long story short, the dealer is replacing the pan because it's leaking around the back of it. They weren't sure if it was the gasket...
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    2019 Shock BAD at 30kmi

    I blew 6 factory shocks before switching to Bilsteins. It seems like a common problem on Expeditions:

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