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    Spare tire questions from a Ford noob

    Ford doesn't balance spares. On other threads on this forum I have advocated getting your spare balanced and "flipped" so that the wheel faces down, making checking and filling the spare much easier. Thankfully they are still delivered with fully functional "near size" tires. My '22 KR...
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    Replacement for carpet wheel well/fender liner???

    I'm still looking for a replacement without luck. Will post if I find one. I know it sounds crazy; but, I've considered taking an electric razor and "shaving" the fur off of the fender inners....not sure If I could get close enough with all of the radius's.
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    Replacement for carpet wheel well/fender liner???

    I considered removing them while I was in the field; but, there are just so many places for mud to pack around. i've been hunting central SD for decades. Over the years I'm sure I've driven personally or traveled with literally dozens of Gen I and Gen II Expeditions and Navigators in the same...
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    Getting serious doubts on build quality - XLT 2020

    Checked my moldings on my '20 yesterday after reading this thread (NEVER been through an automatic car wash)....Not pretty. It's not difficult to imagine just the right crosswind at freeway speed creating enough pressure to boost them. For those of you who have already experienced an...
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    Hellwig 7696 is installed on 2024 Expedition

    Nice work, you should send the recipe to Hellwig. Maybe they can supply with the bar?!
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    2023 Expedition high speed vibration

    Isolating vibration sources is a tricky science with the best of equipment (better equipment than most dealerships or repair shops will have) without it, you can still apply some science on your own. "Tire/wheel" vibration (you have ruled out at this point) is the most common source in vehicles...
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    Rear brake pads worn

    I have never read a comment in this forum that is inconsistent with everyone's experience on this thread. The cause is most likely "all of the above". The bottom line is that the rear brakes are undersized for the job when compared to the front, which seem to be adequate. Hopefully someone at...
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    2020 odd issues. Possibly bad battery?

    When my '20 has been parked for ~30+ days, my Ford Pass will pop this message: Is anyone else on this string getting these messages when their battery bleeds down? I just put it on the trickle charger over night and It's good to go for another 30 days if undriven. The Expedition is...
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    250 lbs dynamic load - RTT mounting question, custom option needed?

    I come from a long line of roof over loaders and having seen many roof crush tests and roof overloading failures....I have a few comments and suggestions: 1) If you have a moon roof, stop reading now and forget it. Assuming you don't have a moonroof, consider the following: 2) I think it is...
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    Upper ball joint?

    Let us know what you find. One quick question, what diameter wheels do you have? Thanks for the post. My neighbor's 2019 has 105,000 on it, we're planning a bunch of maintenance on it for June. I'll include a full front suspension check on the list based on your post. Be sure to check both...
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    The AC VINEGAR Journey

    Wow, you tried everything I could think of. I had a Fusion that was parked outside that had the problem and the foam application did the trick forever after a single application. I did that after trying lysol without lasting satisfaction. You have probably concluded this; but, there must be...
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    2019 Max - Front Blend door and rear blower motor

    While I have not worked on a gen IV HVAC yet (knock on wood), blend door actuator is a good bet, assuming you've eliminated a plugged climate system air filter as a possible cause. Forscan can definitely help you diagnose and pinpoint which blend door(s) is/are the problem. There may be a way...
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    How to align steering wheel?

    You are likely correct, pothole, curb strike, on any of the 4 wheels could lead to a "clear vision" (steering wheel misalignment condition). Less likely causes could be a suspension component failure. Clear vision issues are by definition, wheel alignment issues. More than you probably want...
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    What is the purpose of this thing (wire protector?) in liftgate jamb?

    Good move. Like an idiot, I had a local dealer replace mine when it was a week old. It came back missing 6 fasteners and had a nice new scratch on one of the fenders....I Slammed the dealer on the subsequent survey and the service manager called and gave me the nth degree about how I knew that...
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    What is the purpose of this thing (wire protector?) in liftgate jamb?

    Somehow, the picture isn't matching the words. I see a split corrugated "wire cover" (aka chicken neck) that is surrounding the washer fluid hose. The split that runs lengthwise is completely normal. That's how it is snapped over a section of the hose. What am I missing in the picture?
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    Usually how long does the vehicle take to build?

    It is likely waiting for parts or a rail car. The likely ship path would be KTP to Kansas City, where Ford has a large rail head. Likely convoy out of KCAP to your location in Nebraska. If everything was "normal" you would have had it by now. The likely issue is rail car availability. Good...
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    Usually how long does the vehicle take to build?

    Perhaps; but, trust me, if you see anything in the automotive scene that you believe to be stupid, unusual, tragic or harmful....It is due to some form of government regulation and or litigation. I could write a series of books....but, I would have to publish from a country that doesn't...
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    Rear A/C Evaporator Replacement?

    Full disclosure: I've never done this job. That being said, I looked it over and I have taken the right rear quarter trim off of my '20 to replace a shoulder strap and retractor (due to an unfortunate dog chewing incident). The evaporator part itself is ~$200. If all that was needed was...
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    Usually how long does the vehicle take to build?

    No worries. For those who live on the left coast and don't realize it: All Destination charges on all vehicles of a given model have to be equal, regardless of distance or actual cost, by law (since sometime in the 70's or 80's). If you look at the sticker of a given year for a given model...
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    2h button light up

    On a related note, the drive repeater light in the lower left corner of the instrument pod, will display 4A or 4L steadily when in those modes; however, the 2H light in the same location ONLY illuminates momentarily when shifting into 2H, then it goes out. The first time you glance down at it...
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    Usually how long does the vehicle take to build?

    OMG. I can't believe they trucked it out of KTP to San Fran. That's like taking a Conestoga wagon for that distance. They must be experiencing a rail car shortage, likely due to flushing through the January/February F150 hold that had trucks parked, everywhere around the light F plants...
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    Usually how long does the vehicle take to build?

    To be clear, the VIN you're using is still linked to your "order number", correct? I would also talk to the dealer. If something catastrophic happened in transit, they should have been alerted.
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    Usually how long does the vehicle take to build?

    Interesting. Is the VIN the same? If it is not....something bad has happened (like damage or theft in transit). If it is the same VIN that you've been tracking, there is likely some glitch in the system and your truck is still on the way.
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    Usually how long does the vehicle take to build?

    A little history: 3/11/24 "in production" means scheduled. Normally vehicles hit the "National Blend" schedule 1 week before the week that they are produced. Which means barring shortages, outages, holidays, etc. A painted expedition max body (in this case) would drop from trim selectivity...