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  1. superexpy

    Black wheels

    Thanks for the name of the color! Needs some touch up!
  2. superexpy

    What did you do to the expy today

    tinted my headlights the same color as my fogs..
  3. superexpy

    Official Picture Thread

    Thanks! I made the covers out of plexy glass. Only 51000 on the clock? THats awesome. she will last you forever. Mine is 130xxx.
  4. superexpy

    Official Picture Thread

    THanks! Its my favorite too and with it being a 6.2 & over 400HP+ with a six speed trans, its pretty fun to drive too.
  5. superexpy

    Underhood decals

    I have all sorts of stickers and vinyl wrap under my hood and never had a problem...
  6. superexpy

    Official Picture Thread

    THat sub takes 20sec to pull out. I have hooks that hook the 3rd row seat mounts and a harnes for the speaker. I use to have to pull it all the time becaus i have 6 kids but now, not so much. I have a new winter beater.
  7. superexpy

    Official Picture Thread

    The speaker above is not current. THis one is.
  8. superexpy

    Official Picture Thread

    Some interior shots!
  9. superexpy

    Official Picture Thread

    I bought the lower valance 13 years ago. It took some time finding it but was able to find it on line and it was listed for a f150. It said it wont fit a expedition but it does. The cross over fit fine on the left. I did have to drill holes for the wires and a used speaker box carpet and plexi...
  10. superexpy

    Thinking about a possible EXPY meet and greet for Pacific Northwest peeps.

    Wish i could have gone. Sundays are hard for me and that would have been a 1 1/2 drive for me to get there. Maybe next time....
  11. superexpy

    Front bumper alignment

    I got rid of my gap by making my bumper holes bigger. One thing i noticed is if you jack up the rear rt or left side the opposite front gap will get closer due to frame flexing. So with steal bumpers, Im sure this is why ford did this and not with the newer expys and there plastic bumpers. I...
  12. superexpy

    New Member in WA

    Me South of Seattle.....
  13. superexpy

    Drilled & slotted brakes

    I do! I believe they where only 250 on ebay for all four. I didnt use the pads tho because they like to get my wheels dirty so i bought the best pads the autopart store had. not sure if you can see them in this pic but they are there
  14. superexpy

    What did you do to the expy today

    I did a small burn out on accident....
  15. superexpy

    Does anyone know who this is?

    Boosted! Mine is also boosted and will pag the needle pretty quick too. Ill have to try that and see what mine will do.
  16. superexpy

    Has anyone with a White EB 1st gen blackened the Tan trim?

    Iv whiten my trim....
  17. superexpy

    Lowered my 2001 expy

    Man that looks good! Im glad to see im not the only 4X4...
  18. superexpy

    1998 Expedition driveshaft questions

    All 97's have that joint. I also believe when those drive lines were balanced they did it with the pin in the rear end or at least thats what i was told from my trans friend.
  19. superexpy

    vacuum lines?

    Is the black one thicker then the red? If so it goes over by the battery.
  20. superexpy

    Does radio stay ON after ignition is OFF?

    What i did was run a wire from the N/O (normally open) side of the window relay to the + power trigger to another relay I had laying around and then run my stereo power/turn on to the N/O side of that relay and a constant power to the common side of that relay.
  21. superexpy

    Does radio stay ON after ignition is OFF?

    97-98 do not. I made mine work like that tho through the window relay.
  22. superexpy

    Water Injection

    I have.....
  23. superexpy

    Still alive and well!!

    Everytime i have life issues I turn to the expy for a grin. I think lately my life issues just turned it to a early 30's mid lif crisist because i just bought a 400+ HP escalade and ive already lowered it 5" tuned it and tinted the windows all in a week...