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    Factory Rack & Roof Top Tents

    The factory side rails are rated for the weight, but the crossbars are not. I have a 2017 EL without sunroof, which gets you that 200lb factory dynamic rating. Tent: CVT Mt Washington "medium", 75x47x10" when closed, and around 185lbs. It spent roughly 18 months on the top of my car with...
  2. Speedboosted

    6inch lift

    Are you sure? This should be fun to watch
  3. Speedboosted

    Slight Lift Help

    I have essentially the same rig but in black, and I did Eibach/Bilstein 5100s. Mileage was half of yours at the time of replacement, but my springs and perches were in perfect shape so I reused all that without issue. Just hammer the perches off, it was not hard at all (west coast vehicle, so no...
  4. Speedboosted

    New to me 2021 Expy -- must have upgrades?

    Would you be able to share the coding for getting the fogs as DRL? I made a number of changes to my ‘17 XLT in forscan, but wasn’t successful with that one.
  5. Speedboosted

    Suspension recommendations please

    Bilstein 5100s would be your best bet. Unless there is damage or you can visibly see/feel spring sag, just reuse the factory pieces aside from the strut. 5100s allow for stock height or up to ~1.5" of lift front and rear.
  6. Speedboosted

    2016 XLT - 185,000 Replacements so far

    While I can understand your frustration, every vehicle is going to need repairs as it ages and gets used, a lot, like yours is. Why are you driving 20k/yr and do you need to be doing it in a full size SUV? I'm not suggesting either is a bad thing, but driving a high maintenance vehicle that...
  7. Speedboosted

    2017 Expedition Cooling Fans Loud. On High When A/C is on.

    My fan runs on high with the AC on when ambient temps are in the 90s or higher. Pretty normal to ensure everything is staying cool. These motors produce a lot of heat so it needs to work harder compared to other cars to keep everything in check. What are the ambient temps when this happens?
  8. Speedboosted

    Rubber Blocks?!?! -- 2016 Rear shock/Strut Coil Assembly -

    It sounds like a sumo spring a previous owner inserted to help with sag while loaded up (usually towing). If you don’t want them, many people here would take them, including myself.
  9. Speedboosted

    2016 trans fluid service?

    The dorman one in that link is what I used. I think I grabbed it from Amazon for about $30 delivered
  10. Speedboosted

    2016 trans fluid service?

    I would advise pulling the pan, replacing the ~7 quarts and filter, then putting a drain plug in your original pan while it’s off, or buying the dorman pan which has one installed. I can assure you the fluid iniside a 6r80 is not going to last 150k without severely breaking down.
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    2023 UPDATE, How Does Everyone Feel About Their Tunes and Tuners?

    I had Juggernaut tune mine, they use and prefer SCT. It's a "custom" tune like some of the other companies mentioned here where they send a base file, and you provide logs based on each file. Takes a few days but really dials everything in just how you want it. I previously used the canned SCT...
  12. Speedboosted

    Show your Lifted 3rd Gens

    I really like the paint matched front grille. Noticed in your sig you made some ditch light brackets, any more info on those? I did the same since I couldn't find anything available for these, but they're kinda thin and wobble at times. Can PM me if you want.
  13. Speedboosted

    '23 towing with HD tow - what are ppl using for keeping level?

    WDH will be your answer, and most of them offer some sort of sway control which will also improve the towing experience. I use a Fastway E2 on my 2017 and it's great with a ~6k lb trailer hooked up.
  14. Speedboosted

    Show your Lifted 3rd Gens

    Finally get to contribute pictures to this thread after staring at it for over a year. Just a baby 1.25" lift all around since my stock sized tires are still in excellent shape and I like how the perform on every surface, so no desire to swap just yet. And I wanted to keep the rake. Fronts...
  15. Speedboosted

    ‘09 tire difference

    I don't think 255/55-18 is the correct size, that's very short. 275/65-18 is what most come with and you should 100% keep using that.
  16. Speedboosted

    2015-2017 recall for blower motors

    Man that would be terrible given your location. Sorry to hear. Mine needs this and the booster recall performed still.
  17. Speedboosted

    Sync 3.4 Update Question

    I think mine was version 2.2 as well and I jumped straight to 3.4x. Everything works fine on mine except the clock. For whatever reason, I lost the little clock in the bottom right corner of the instrument cluster. And then a few months later the clock display on the main screen doesn't count...
  18. Speedboosted

    Show your Lifted 3rd Gens

    New wheels/tires look good on there, nice call on going lower up front. Crazy how much bigger it is compared to the 4Runner behind.
  19. Speedboosted

    Bilstein 5100s question

    To follow up on this, I'm doing mine right now. I can confirm on my 2017 with the standard struts (non CCD, non leveling), the perches come right off with 1-2 smacks from a 3lb hammer. I'm also having no issue doing them with a standard rental spring compressor from O'Reilly's/Autozone. Using...
  20. Speedboosted

    Transmission Fluid Burn

    I don't see how you'd smell burning ATF unless it was leaking out and dripping on the exhaust or puking out the vent tube. Check around the pan to see if the gasket is leaking, maybe the seal is slightly compromised and some sneaks out when it really gets hot (and thins out). But yeah, what...
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    Lost my diff..... is as close to a nationwide junkyard search as you'll find. Good luck! And swap the front/T case fluids too just in case at this point.
  22. Speedboosted

    Go over 6 months between oil changes?

    Modern synthetic oils can go past 6 months no problem. I don't drive mine often so it ends up being changed roughly once a year, which lines up with around 6k miles.
  23. Speedboosted

    2011 Exp XLT EL OE rear sway bar info needed

    There's a number of things you could do to help, I don't think a larger OE bar would be worth it. I'd either go straight to Hellwig, or consider getting better struts like 4600s or 5100s if wanting to lift.
  24. Speedboosted

    Show your Lifted 3rd Gens

    Seems pretty tall, what parts did you use to lift it?
  25. Speedboosted

    Dobinsons Suspension Lift on 3rd or 4th Gen Expedition

    I've been looking for the past few months at suspension upgrades for my 2017. Main goals are increased ground clearance and better damping while loaded down. As we know, the IRS isn't the best when near the max capacity. Just now stumbled across this setup from Dobinsons, who are a very well...

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