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    Shop told me they won’t change plugs /tune up on my 99 Triton 5.4

    My 2003 Expedition (5.4L 2V) was just into my mechanical he did plugs and a couple of other things for around 900. Worth every penny. Truck drives like a dream.
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    2009 fix or sell?

    Hate to say it...sell it. Way too many upcoming issues that are really expensive to fix. Check out Car Wizard on Facebook. Lots of really good what to buy/what not to buy videos.
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    Intermittent battery light, check charging system warning

    I am curious as well. My battery light will occasionally flicker like a loose connection, but then go out for no reason. Mine is 03 navi.
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    2005 Ford Expedition Electric Issues

    I have an 03 EXP and live in the northern plains. My panel around the fuse box (wheel well) is gone due to rot. I can see the road under the fuse box. Could be an issue with yours as well depending on where you live
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    Engine swap

    As we all know, the 1st and 2cd Expedition had the 5.4L 2 valve motor. Has there been any discussion about swapping out the original motor for a different, more reliable one? Just curious as to what the overriding opinions have been. TIA
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    2003 Eddie Bauer radio stays on

    Sounds like a bad radio. Just pull the radio or radio fuse. Either should kill the draw
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    Another newbie...

    My limited participation has yielded good responses. My advice is to always include the year and model, ask direct questions and know what you want to accomplish. Thanks for adding to the group!!
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    Quick Disconnect Help

    Is it like some of the radiator connections? These require special tools to release.
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    Misfire after plug blowout

    Have you checked #3 plug? Just curious...
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    2006 Ford Expedition Crank, no start with a lot of diagnostics...

    To me, it sounds like a timing issue. Timing chain slipped so bad that it put the compression out of wack and won't start. I am not sure if this is an interference engine, but I think it is. Keep it simple...suck, squeeze, bang and blow. Sounds like timing to me.
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    Expedition too big for daily?

    In my short time in mine, it can be a bit big, but I got mine for $500 and I use it to go to towing or cargo hauling. ANY vehicle would have suited my purpose, but money talks. I put $25 of gas in every 2 weeks, it starts and runs. This is my case of where size doesn't matter.
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    Big power draw

    Big thanks to those that replied. I found my power draw. Rear wiper transmission (the unit that attaches to the wiper) was extremely dirty and wouldn't let the wiper turn. The motor that drives it was not in home position and was on constantly. An afternoon of cleaning and reassembly resolved...
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    Big power draw

    Good advice on the battery, but it is brand new and condition has happened after new battery. Rear wiper doesn't work, so I'll pull fuse to make sure motor isn't the cause of my power draw. Thanks!
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    Big power draw

    My 2003 expedition has a big draw that I can't trace back to the fuse block. It will drain the battery stone dead within a day. I am getting by with a battery switch on the positive side. Also, what fuse controls the rear wiper motor? TIA...

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