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    Another retrofit started. RX350!!!

    I bought a used set of headlights couple years ago as spares to do a retrofit on and have yet to do it. I wish I can buy these from you! How do you go about aligning them up?
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    My 07 backup camera install

    Not that easy of a task, the rear hatch panels are such a PITA to remove.
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    FS: Wheel/Tire Combo

    Still have these just sitting in my garage.
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    Middle seat issues 08 EB

    You need to kneel on it and push back on the seat, while trying to lift the handle to fold it down.
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    FS: Wheel/Tire Combo

    Bump, anyone? Need to make some room in my garage please. The wheels are not chrome btw, they are alloys. Will even throw in a set of lug nuts for them!
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    My 07 backup camera install

    Is that camera adjustable or fixed position? I'm looking to have mine angled more downward looking at my hitch receiver to help with hooking up my to my boat.
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    FS: Wheel/Tire Combo

    I have a set of 20" Granite Alloy wheels wrapped in Kuhmo 275/55/20 tires. They have under 10k miles on them. No scratches on any of the rims, and no plugs on the tires. Located in Northern VA. $850 picked up! Pics of wheels: Expedition Photos by CJ0920 | Photobucket
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    My 07 backup camera install

    Wow, nice. How did you fish the wire to the front?
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    Fog lights

    Nice! I see they have them for $60 for a pair under closeout. Could you send some pics of yours? I'd like to see what you did as far as brackets, and what it looks like in the housing, and a light output shot.
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    My 2015 Platinum El

    How much was that?
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    20" Wheels

    Hey all, been trying to make room in my garage and have a set of wheels laying around in almost new condition. Link to my ad 20" 6 lug rims and tires Local pickup (20155) would be preferred. If you want to see pics of the wheels on the Expedition, just PM me or reply here. Thanks!
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    Special tool to remove rear brake caliper on 2012 Expy?

    I just did this. The front is definately a 9mm. My mechanics tool set went from 7,8,10 and skipped 9. A local auto parts store had the 9mm hex that said specific for ford calipers. The rear I believe was smaller, I just did a lift and had to remove the calipers last weekend. I'm sure its was a...
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    Fog lights

    Do you have any pics? How different is the driver f150 fog? What is different about it? I presume the mounting plastic screws are not in the same place? Also what model year F150 fogs did you purchases? I actually received an email from TRS today stating there is not enough market to make...
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    Fog lights

    What exactly did you try? They now have a set for the F150...
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    Fog lights

    The Retrofit Source has some good close out deals if anyone is interested. I scooped up a set of their XB LED Fogs for $70 (Type T). The type T are slanted and will not properly fit without customization. I will be using these on another car...
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    headlight assembly with HID question

    HID's are meant for projector housings, where the beam is projected at certain angles which reduces glare to oncoming traffic. Your lights are reflective housing which that "little blocker" your referring to diffuses the light beam to bounce it back to the chrome housing which reflects the light...
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    Help with lift and rear brake line

    Not one person to chime in...I reallocated the brake line bracket into the frame rather than the strut mount housing. I am still very weary on how taught the line is, especially at the angly the brake line comes out the caliper. I tried rotating the line at the caliper but only goes in one way...
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    Help with lift and rear brake line

    Struts were going bad and with 140k decided to change them out. Read good reviews on bisteins and my 4600 that were back ordered finally came in. I decided now is the best time for the lift since I'm in there anyways. Ordered a 3" F/ 2" R kit off of EBay identical to the Readylift SST kit...
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    2010 2wd 8 inch lift Project

    Any updates?
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    Fog lights

    You gonna try these!?
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    2007 EB Factory Remote Starter?

    What does your remote look like? Mine has remote start and my remote looks like this: Also you can look under the hood, right about where the air box filter is there would be a sensor...
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    Hey FORD, 2016 Minor Ford Expedition Requested UPDATES!!

    I would presume the Ecoboost could be easier tunable, and provide much more power when done!
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    Fog lights

    KC has a new LED fog out that is 4". 4" Gravity LED Replacement Fog Light for Jeep JK - KC #1494 (Fog Beam - Street Legal - Jeep JK 07-15)
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    Custom designed projector headlights with light tube DRLs for your Expedition!

    I really wish the LED tubes were switch backs.
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    Fog lights

    Seems like the F150s have a bunch more options than we do...

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