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    Folding Cargo Liners

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    2nd row seat rattle

    My 20 2nd row pass capt chair always rattles like there is loose change in it. Cant figure it out. Started at 5k miles.
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    Wiper issues

    You want to know what I dont like about the automatic front windshield wipers? Of course you do. 2020 expy plat and if the automatic wiper is on, whenever I start the vehicle in the shade or in the garage, the wipers always make one swipe upon engine start. No moisture or rain. Something to do...
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    Window Sticker mystery

    Post the sticker and a picture of the vehicle please.
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    Michelin Premier LTX DT vs Defender LTX M/S

    I just put on a new set of Pirelli Verde All Season Plus on the 20 plat and as expected, they are noticeably smoother and quieter than the Hankooks from the factory. Now I need to sell the 4 Hankook 285/45-22 with 5k miles near sarasota. I had the pirellis on another expy and loved then as...
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    2022 Ford Expedition Timberline

    That is a nice looking expy.
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    Loud Turbo Whistle

    I didn't hear any turbo in that video.
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    Bet some of Wish We Had A Larger/Extended Fuel Tank Now...

    It is frustrating that the expy has such a small tank. I liked the larger tank in the EL but with the 2020 plat it is much much smaller. The expy is a great road trip vehicle. Too bad it has such a small tank.
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    Michelin Premier LTX DT vs Defender LTX M/S

    I had a 15 plat EL with 22's and went though three sets of the the pirelli verde all season plus ii. I thought they were a great tire (snow, rain and dry) and I am going to put them on my 20 plat when the hankooks start to wear out. I don't like the factory hankooks. Those pirellis rode like...
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    Adaptive cruise question

    ACC is awesome. IF you want to override to pass, just press to go pedal. I think it works really well. I even think it works as well as ACC on our tesla.
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    Carplay quits/reconnects

    I use carlinkit and never have to deal with cords.
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    Upgraded Brake Systems anyone?

    I put a powerstop kit on a 15 expyEL with drilled/slotted and pads. Awesome performance with this simple upgrade. No more warping and great stopping power.
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    Wireless android auto

    I use carlinkit 2.0 for my apple phone to 20 expy and it works ok. Crashes sometimes and some of the startup text is in Chinese.
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    New 2020 Expedition owner

    What remote did you buy?
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    New 2020 Expedition owner

    Call the homelink support number in the manual. Does the vehicle recognize the portable remote when you program the homelink button on visor?
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    New 2020 Expedition owner

    I have 20 platinum and cannot change the interior ambient colors. For your garage door, you have to take a remote and bring it into your vehicle and hold it by your visor to teach the vehicle. After that you can hit the button on the GDO to learn the button you just programmed on the visor...
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    Arm Rest Cover

    This is what it looks like.
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    Cargo Cover?

    I just got a black moving blanket from harbor freight and use that when I want to cover something.
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    CarPlay and iPhone 12 Pro Max

    I have a 3 month old 2020 platinum and a week old 12 pro max and all seems to work ok. I am using the apple supplied usb-c to apple proprietary connector to the 12 pro max.
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    Arm Rest Cover

    I use this one in my 2020 platinum. Definitely does not look stock but we got used to it. I put it on because wifeys lotions. I bought black and use it on our light interior.
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    2020 expy sync 3.4 apps without usb cable

    I really wish sync 3.4 would support android auto without the usb cable. Without using the usb cable, sync 3.4 can find my pandora app and play without a usb cable. Are there any other apps that sync 3.4 can find on my phone with the usb NOT connected? Does anyone use any other apps this way...
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    SYNC 3 - which version are you at?

    2020 expy platinum is sync 3.4 from factory a few months back.
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    Rotors at 23k miles?

    On my 15 EL I had warp at 13k and the dealer ground the rotors. At 25k they were warped and they wouldnt do anything under warranty. I went with after market brakes - Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Performance Brake Kit front and back with drilled and slotted rotors and good pads. $450 for the...
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    2020 plat disable backup camera white predictive path lines.

    Is there a way to disable the white predictive path lines on the backup camera. I don't mind and like the permanent straight backup lines but want to disable the white lines that show where my future path will be. I can't find it in manual or online. Thanks
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    Premium fuel for longevity?

    I ran cheap 87 on my 15 ecoboost and never noticed anything negative. I run cheap 87 on my 20 ecoboost and am very happy with the performance.