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    2020 expy sync 3.4 apps without usb cable

    I really wish sync 3.4 would support android auto without the usb cable. Without using the usb cable, sync 3.4 can find my pandora app and play without a usb cable. Are there any other apps that sync 3.4 can find on my phone with the usb NOT connected? Does anyone use any other apps this way...
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    2020 plat disable backup camera white predictive path lines.

    Is there a way to disable the white predictive path lines on the backup camera. I don't mind and like the permanent straight backup lines but want to disable the white lines that show where my future path will be. I can't find it in manual or online. Thanks
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    New 2020 Platinum for 13-14k off list.

    Seeing these for a nice discount. Have a 15 plat 4x4 EL which I like but too long for garage. I can't find that much of a difference with the two model years (20-21) excluding color on the platinum. Why would I wait for a 21 ? Thanks
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    15 expy front parking sensor beeps at stoplights with newer model fords nearby

    Hello, Original owner of 15 expy plat. One of the newer vehicles of the model year. Since new, I've had "intermittent" Front Parking Aid warnings when stopped at stop lights. I am not too close to vehicles. I've noticed when this happens, there is always a newer model Ford / Lincoln either in...