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  1. Aspen03

    Third Row Seat Fold Button Addition

    Our 03 navigator has this feature with buttons on the driver side in "front" of the 3rd row as well as the typical rear location and it has come in handy a few times. I've seen it on 1 other 03 expedition as well. Maybe a peek at how they did the wiring, finding a diagram would give you an...
  2. Aspen03

    Start battery finally gave out, what’s the preferred replacement?

    Costco, currently in both our vehicles and I've used then in 4 others over the years without a failure. The price is tough to beat and 3yr replacement warranty is solid.
  3. Aspen03

    '13 Expedition

    Super clean and nice color. Easily worth it if it comes to motor replacement. You'd pay 15k+ for one w those miles around here. I saw a 2016 EL for $36k w 60k on it earlier today...
  4. Aspen03

    04 Expedition with some mods

    Looks good, I wondering about lowering as well at one point. I think it would look good even if it sacrifices some utility. We have 2 of this platform so I wouldn't lose the ability to tow or whatnot. What did you go with for audio? Where did you find one with such low mileage?
  5. Aspen03

    Negative Offset Wheels DO Fit Without Modifications

    Looks good, reminds me of my old regal that I had 9" wide FR500s on for summer. Gave it a mean stance and hooked so hard it would snap your neck. I had to throw the old 80s mud flaps on to keep rubber off the track and road debris flying down the side of the car. Worked out well. They were...
  6. Aspen03

    2013 front component speakers

    I put the Kicker KS 6x8 components in my wife's navigator. They sound great. She wasn't equipped w the THX package and didn't have the tweeter pod in the sail panel we just cut holes to mount. They came with everything necessary for install. Very clean factory look. They've been in...
  7. Aspen03

    Looking for opinions from the "court" on trade in value

    Consider the tax savings on the trade as well as the low hassle. For a dealer trade that doesn't seem unreasonable to me though I'd always try for more, all they can do is say no. You'd most certainly sell it outright for more as noted. It's what they plan to do after all and for a profit so...
  8. Aspen03

    Shallow powered subs questions

    You're only heard from blocks away if you play it as loud as possible. You can have a good quality sub and play it at reasonable levels. I've never been a fan of the "hideaway" subs like the pioneer, kicker, alpine. I've installed dozens of them in customer cars. They're ok but in...
  9. Aspen03

    What does your MPG look like with your EX when towing

    03 4x4 Eddie bauer w 3.73 HD tow - w a 4k trailer and load, 8x12 enclosed I saw minimal loss on a 150mi trip, mixed city/hwy, I averaged 13.2 vs the high 15s I usually see. I was hauling furniture and the route was very close to my daily work commute, but w 2 runs. The one time I towed a...
  10. Aspen03

    ‘99 Exp 5.4 4X4 no heat?!?!

    That's an impressive amount of wear. I'd think that if it impeded water flow so much you got no heat that the cooling system wouldn't even be able to do its job or you just got very lucky with just enough flow for essentials
  11. Aspen03

    Car seats in a 2015-2017 Expy

    Removing the center seat is the way to go from someone who has 6 people in the family and 2 still in seats. Works great and the only reasonable solution is to put them in the outboard seats for easy access. The center is fairly difficult to get to without getting up and into the vehicle...
  12. Aspen03

    CarPlay connectivity issue, replace the USB ports?

    The native union A to C cables ran behind and up to the nightstands have been in place since 2016 and both still work great. They dont get used every single day but I would imagine they have been plugged/unplugged at least 1000 times in that span, my wife is also prone to using her phone/tablet...
  13. Aspen03

    CarPlay connectivity issue, replace the USB ports?

    If you bump the cable it's likely a connection point be it at the vehicle usb or the lightning connector on the phone. In my experience it's nearly always the device unless you have issue w the cord in other areas say charging and data connection. Port wear is a fairly common thing. I always...
  14. Aspen03

    Vinegar-like smell

    Ozone works quite well, useful in other areas than a vehicle as well and they're reasonably inexpensive online. You don't need a $500 machine, pick up a basic model online for $100 or less and you're good. Instead of just temporarily drying out the evap core you're killing the nasty thats...
  15. Aspen03

    Let's play... guess the repair bill total!

    It kind of matters as now you have a mechanic whom you believe made an error doing major disassembly of your motor and hoping it's completed to spec. Not an ideal scenario in my eyes. I'd feel left out if I didn't take a swing. $8736.
  16. Aspen03

    Next question! What is the best way to upgrade the headlights?

    I've been running ddmtuning HID kits on various vehicles for about 10 years. I've had 1 ballast and 1 bulb fail and not on the same car in all of that time. I plan to add them to the expedition when I get new housings, just trying to decide what look I want. Never any issues with...
  17. Aspen03

    Should I get extended warranty on my new-to-me 2017 Limited?

    70k for 3.5k and considering the running boards are about that price for the pair consider that a bargain. I can't count the number of threads where people have claimed enough warranty in one go to wash out the cost.
  18. Aspen03

    Gas mileage

    I'm similar with the 75/25 city/hwy commute. My 2003 Expedition gets slightly worse mileage than our 2003 navigator but only by about .5-1mpg. They both manage about 17 cruising on the hwy and 13.5 with mostly city, navigator will dip into high 12s on occasion but it's also heavier and trying...
  19. Aspen03

    Traded the Navigator and couldn't be happier!

    I would have to agree. Our 2003 navigator and expy ride extremely well and often raise eyebrows at how quiet and well mannered they are cruising around from guests. I've had several co workers in mine who are just astounded a nearly 250k mi truck has the amenities and ride quality that it...
  20. Aspen03

    2003 Navigator got stuck in 4 low

    Yesterday, I noticed something caught under the truck when I was leaving work. It turned out to be a piece of plastic from the road wrapped around a harness, nothing serious. I got in and started it up. Put in neutral as usual to switch to 4 low which happened as it should. I did this as it...
  21. Aspen03

    2004 2nd row seat not folding

    I've not had an issue w the middle seat but one if my outboard second row seats in my 02 refuses to let the back rest fold back up once folded unless I disengage it from the floor and while I'm pulling up on that I can then move the back where I want it. It's perfectly fine afterward for a...
  22. Aspen03

    Best spray on/wipe off wax for a novice?

    For the price Lucas SlickMist is hard to beat. Easy spray and wipe off. Meguiars ultimate spray wax is slightly better...wax quality wise imo but also 50%+ more and requires a little more effort to wipe down. I'd put NXT spray somewhere among those. It has the easy off like slick mist...
  23. Aspen03

    Unknown leaking in 2021 expedition

    2nd Gen has a TED as well, it works great I my '03. I can't imagine buying an 80k version of my truck with just a fan... You effectively have no cooling until the vehicles ambient temp drops significantly. In peak summer heat that could be awhile. I'll add that to the ever growing list of...
  24. Aspen03

    Unknown leaking in 2021 expedition

    Cooled seats? Perhaps condensation not running off/evaporating as designed? Seems like a good amount of liquid to be that though. Just a random guess if it's 100% not the sunroof and no obvious leaks anywhere else up high. I'm not too familiar with the 4th gen.

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