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  1. rjdelp7

    2001 Expedition 5.4 Head Gaskets

    Auto auction rebuilds, on Youtube did video about Blue devil headgasket repair. It fixed the car he put it in. I would try that first
  2. rjdelp7

    Alignment and dealer(s)

    If the alignment was done with a worn or bad ball joint or tierod, it will never be right. 90% of alignments, the toe in/out adjustment is the only thing done. Always make sure the shop gives you the print out, showing everything 'in the green'. AAA car care, gave me the excuse, the printer ran...
  3. rjdelp7

    New purchase dilemma...

    I am not sure why a 2020 F-150, will not work for you...I am guessing your having a baby. If it has 4 doors, is basically the same as the Expedition. You mention a second vehicle, what is it? You shouldn't need 2 soccer mom vehicles. How is spending $70K on a new Expedition practical, when...
  4. rjdelp7

    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    The 'inline 6' was 4.9L, not exactly small by today's standards.. It was a natural aspirated 2V. The T-bird V6, Ford replaced it with was junk and had head issues. GM is now doing a diesel inline 6 for the Tahoe/Yukon.
  5. rjdelp7

    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    The 5.0l in the Mustang uses a torque style phaser, that is different than the 3.5l EB. They don't have any 'known' problems. They get run hard. Ford can build them right, when they want to. The 3.5l EB front wheel drive version, doesn't have as many problems. I personally agree, with Scotty...
  6. rjdelp7

    To all the Naysayers

  7. rjdelp7

    How to remove factory front rotors

    Spray the hub opening hole on the rotor with PB blaster. Keep turning and let it penetrate. A couple light blows with a 2lb hammer should work. Use BRAKE CLEAN, when the job is done, no matter what method is used.
  8. rjdelp7

    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    So your comparing a towing with a ecoboost to a F-150 with a 351 V8? Ford hasn't put one in a pickup since the what, the 1980s.
  9. rjdelp7

    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    Your assuming the engine used in the F-150, is the same to the Expedition. They may use different phasers, cam shafts, compression ratio, turbos, exhaust, heads, blocks, pistons and oil pans. They may be built at different plants. There was 5 versions of the 4.6l. The 2v SOHC, 32V DOHC the 3V...
  10. rjdelp7

    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    Ford doesn't offer an optional engine in the Expedition. Sales are around 40-50K per year. So that is 200-250k engines. I have not heard the f-150 version having major issues, like the Expeditions. The EB's engine reputation is already sketchy. They are on the 3rd generation and still having...
  11. rjdelp7

    Preferred Battery for a Gen 1 Expy???

    All batteries are made by one of three manufactures. East Penn, Exide and Johnson Controls. Your paying for basically the warranty and if the store installs it. I have a 84 month Motorcraft(recommended), I bought from the dealer(in 2014) with a coupon they sent in the mail. It was $85, Regular...
  12. rjdelp7

    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    Make them replace the catalytic converters, since burning coolant ruins them.
  13. rjdelp7

    "Thunder" 1998 Expedition Build Thread .... fixed pics!!

    I agree 100%. I can keep mine running in near perfect condition, for a lot less than payment. Plus, no one gives a rip what other people drive, they are only in to there own vehicles.
  14. rjdelp7

    Would an 07 be a smart purchase?

    My AC cost $936 and it included a new compressor. The condenser goes bad and line, by the passenger front tire. Funny thing was, the same year, it had a power steering leak. It was line running along the frame, to the pump. It rotted out, right where it was touching. I found one at the junk...
  15. rjdelp7

    Dang, rear main seal leak!

    I was told years ago, a bad rear main seal or leaky valve covers, is a sign of excess crankcase pressure. That's from blow by, aka worn pistons, scored cylinder walls or a blocked exhaust. I recommend a compression test.
  16. rjdelp7

    New engine or new vehicle ?

    You didn't mention what is wrong with the engine. This era and 1st gen are good to 300k-400K miles, easy. The 1st gen were on list in the the top 10, for vehicles to last. Ford used simple engines and esp, the transmission were very stout and well built. The transmission in the 1st gen have a...
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    The only thing you will gain, putting headers on a 2011 5.4l 3v is a lighter wallet. It's a 5000lb suv, not a sports car. The only gain, might be at the top end, which almost no one reaches with normal driving.
  18. rjdelp7

    Compression test 01 Navigator

    The cam should have a square behind the first lobe. Use a large wrench on it, to hold everything in place.
  19. rjdelp7

    Blower motor

    It's not rocket science. Look up under the glove box. Get a test light or multi meter. If you you have power at the motor it's bad. Give it a good whack, it may start running. If no power, trace back to the resister and it's pig tail. Wiggle that pigtail, Check it for burning. Do the basics...
  20. rjdelp7

    Blower motor

    When mine stopped working it was intermittent. I found bumping the motor, it would start running. I tested the voltage at the connector. It was like 8.5v on low, 10.2 on med and 12.2 on full. Check your voltage first.
  21. rjdelp7

    2019 Expedition making a bad sound when cold starting

    I read somewhere in this forum that, it's covered under the Emission 8yr/80K warranty. Check with the dealer.
  22. rjdelp7

    2019 Expedition making a bad sound when cold starting

    You could get reduced power and a check engine light. I may not pass state inspection, depending where you live.
  23. rjdelp7

    2018 Transmission Clunking/slamming in gears

    I had only one transmission fail. When I took it in, the dealer service manager, typed in the VIN. He started laughing. I asked him 'what is so funny'? He said the transmission was fixed once under warranty, by the last owner and by them. Needless to say, he handed me keys to a loaner. I was at...
  24. rjdelp7

    "Thunder" 1998 Expedition Build Thread .... fixed pics!!

    Couldn't the output shaft, be swapped out of the tranny, to make the alloy driveshaft fit?
  25. rjdelp7

    Compression test 01 Navigator

    FordTechMakuloco, did a video replacing the chains on this engine.