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  1. Teamzambo

    Downpipes consensus?

    Still crazy, I’ve owned 15 F150 platinums almost with the eco boost and have tuned all of them and have never had a muffler blow out. Had many customers that I was their one and only servicer and never saw this happen. If it was a major issue it definitely would have been something that came...
  2. Teamzambo

    Downpipes consensus?

    Interesting, I was a Service Manager for Ford for many years and not once have I seen a eco post come in with muffler failure. First I’m hearing of this. Thinking of doing just the SPD spacers but I know I’ll probably end up with the down pipes as well.
  3. Teamzambo

    I guess it's still too early for big name lowering kits?

    Awesome I’ll look in to it, how soon do you plan on lowering yours? Figured I’d lower this and level my future F250 Platinum. Best of both worlds. Drop one lift the other!
  4. Teamzambo

    Tires (22")

    I’m on the Hankook HT’s and made it through a pass just fine last night and icy roads this morning. Putting it on snow mode made a big difference. Next season will definitely get either Blizzaks or Nokians. I’m sure my only reason for success is they are still almost brand new. I slowed down...
  5. Teamzambo

    Tires (22")

    I just spent the day driving through a hell of a lot of snow up in the mountains, testing out these OEM’s and I was very surprised at how well they did especially in snow mode. I’m guessing it’s because they are new but I’m pretty confident they will suffice this season.
  6. Teamzambo

    I guess it's still too early for big name lowering kits?

    Bringing this back from the dead, anyone ever do this?
  7. Teamzambo

    2019 platinum 4x4 - performance tune recommendation

    I was one of those on my F150, over tuned it and I still had Ford cover it under warranty. There is a process to getting covered (ex Ford Service Manager) had my transmission relaxed under warranty as well. Just make sure you always have the right octane. That’s one of the main causes for...
  8. Teamzambo

    Lift, tire, wheel combo

    From what I have found, we can do up to a 33.6 tire with out a lift with no rubbing. I’ll be doing a LT295/50r22 AT not sure on the brand yet but probably TKO2’s or Wildpeaks, I had the wildpeaks on my F150 and loved them.
  9. Teamzambo

    Let's See Those Lifted / Big Tire Gen 4s!!

    Anyone running a 285/55r22 or 285/50r22 All Terrain on stock suspension?
  10. Teamzambo

    Strange Engine/Turbo Behavior - Post 5Star Tune

    Reviving this thread, anyone Else having this issue? Mine seems to be getting worse.
  11. Teamzambo

    Ticking noise

    Depending on the ticking sound it’s more than likely the High pressure from our DI injectors. All DI (DirectInjection) engines make this ticking sound. Anyone got a video?
  12. Teamzambo

    4WD Failure in sand (hill assist/descent faults warnings)

    Didn’t the OP also drive on a Caroline Beach? That may be the problem! Not than likely a faulty speed sensor.
  13. Teamzambo

    Car Seats in the 3rd Row

    The rear 3rd only has two anchor points, one on each side so you wouldn’t be able to to do two car seats on the one side (60). And fold down the the smaller seat (40). I think that’s what you’re asking right? Other than that the expedition is a great family hauler, get a max so that you don’t...
  14. Teamzambo

    First post- thinking about lifting

    Beautiful!! Exactly what I want to do to mine! What did all this Tun you if you don’t mind me asking? You can pm if you don’t want it public. How do you like that Yakima rack?
  15. Teamzambo

    Interior noise from exhaust

    My 21 sounds nice when I remote start it and I’m standing in the rear. I actually get compliments and people ask if I did anything to it. Now my 18 F150 Plati i had a corsa exhaust and it sounded perfect, corsa makes everything sound great!
  16. Teamzambo

    Tuning the ecoboost

    As a previous service manager for Ford, there is definitely a way around this. Hell, I over tuned my last eco boost and still had an engine done under warranty. There are definitely ways to hide it. If anyone has issues feel free to PM me
  17. Teamzambo

    Captain Chairs to Bench Conversion

    So I can remove the center seat from my bench and create captains setup? Can I get arm rest for them?
  18. Teamzambo

    Back Glass Shattered

    You don’t need to calibrate the camera if OEM glass is used.
  19. Teamzambo

    Strange Engine/Turbo Behavior - Post 5Star Tune

    I’ve had this exact issue happen, I just have an AFE Stage II intake and canned SCT tunes. Was running on 91 tune when it first happened to me. I tuned it back to stock, and it periodically did the same thing.
  20. Teamzambo

    Do 22's suck?

    Let’s get some pictures of both
  21. Teamzambo

    2022 Navi - ActiveGlide

    Aren’t 2021 platinum’s pre-wired for blue cruise?
  22. Teamzambo

    motorcraft “severe duty” brake pads

    I used to get many complaints on the brake dust and they can be noisy. I wouldn’t use them, people often mistaken them for heavy duty.
  23. Teamzambo

    SCT tuner

    Exactly! I emailed tech support and they responded with the tuner is not compatible with my truck! it blew my mind how easy they could brush me off after days of no response and weeks of calling with no answer. Finally got someone to call and they needed some info off the tuner that could only...
  24. Teamzambo


    When was the last time you changed your plugs? Old plugs or plugs gapped incorrectly can cause what feels like a trans shudder.