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    Expedition meets Bambi at 55 MPH

    Well I had a Grill Guard when I hit a deer with my 2014 Expy last summer. The damage was minor, mainly cosmetic to the bumper, fender and a broken headlight. All together, the damage was around $3,000, which told me that while grill guards doesnt prevent all damage, it does reduce it...
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    Question about 4WD Auto characteristics

    I have a 2014 Expy, and I have switched between 2H and 4A many times at speed, and for the life of me, I can't feel or hear any difference between the two. I have crawled under it and the front axles are disengaged in 2H and engaged while in 4A, also when I punch it on gravel in 2H, the rear...
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    2014 heater fan starting to work intermittently

    I had the same issue with my 2014 right after I bought it last year, I went ahead and replaced the connector and the Blower Motor Control Module (resistor) as they were both burnt out. Around $100 for both parts, both Motorcraft parts, total job took about an hour to do. Havent had a problem...
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    Check 4x4 in 4L Only

    On my 2014 Expedition and my 2002 Explorer, you have to be in NEUTRAL not PARK in order to shift into 4L. Try Shifting into NEUTRAL next time and see if that works
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    Ranch Hand grille guard help

    Well i have a similar grill guard on my 2014 Expy, same problem, it was triggering the center sensors, however, Ranch Hand does sell Parking sensor covers that you can use on those center sensors, which essentially cancels out the those center sensors so the grill guard doesnt set them off...
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    Bull bar 2014 expy with park assist?

    Dont know about bull bars but I do have a full wrap around grill guard, which does interfere with the 2 inside park sensors, however Rough Country sells sensor covers that essentially cancels out those sensors so the grill guard doesn't set it off. However the other 2 sensors, the 2 outside one...
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    Global Windows Open/Close in a 3rd Gen ? Well Sorta

    will this close the sunroof too?
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    2015 Expedition with Very Loud Fan

    My 14 Expy with the 5.4L V8(not Ecoboost) does this too, usually when its hot outside and the A/C is on.
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    Which Android app?

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    2022 Expy Preview

    They bring back the V8 in the Expy yet?
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    Captain Chairs to Bench Conversion

    I read somewhere that someone had Captains Chairs in his Expedition and he found a Navigator at a junkyard and got the Center Console out of that one the put it in his Expedition. At least that way when you fold the seats down, its flat all the way across
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    Best 3rd Gen to tow with?

    I would look at a 2014, it was the last year the 5.4L V8 was available. After that, the ONLY choice was a 3.5 Ecoboost, which MAY give you more power and torque but just like Mr Dave said, at the expense of more moving parts to potentially break. My problem the the 3.5L, is the added stress on...
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    do i have the hd tow package?

    If you have both the 4pin and 7pin connectors, and if you have the trailer brake controls, located underneath the A/C Heat controls, then you have HD tow
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    Build sheet

    If you have the Trailer Brake Conntroller, found under the A/C Heat Controls, then you have HD Tow
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    do i have the hd tow package?

    My 2014 has the HD Tow PAckage, it has the 7 pin and 4 pin connecter, and the factory trailer brake controller located below the Climate Control panel.
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    Air Conditioning

    Well in my 2014 Expy, today is was 90 outside, discharge air was around 60 at idle sitting still, but when moving down the road 50-60 mph, discharge air was around 45.
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    Permanently disable front parking aid

    Not sure if you can disable it on a 17, I cant disable it on my 14, but Ranch Hand sells Sensor covers so those small things wont set them off anymore, I used them to cover the 2 center after installing a grill guard and it was too close to those center sensors. these sensor covers did the...
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    Driver Side Front Seat Trim Needs to be Replaced

    Yes you can replace just the trim, Mine was actually broken when I bought my 2014 Expy last year. After they came in, it took me about an hour to replace.
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    F150 Lightning Reveal

    30 minutes to charge batteries vs. 5 minutes to fill gas tank, and thats IF you can find a charging station, and if you can't, well i guess that'll mean an expensive towing bill
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    Can we talk HD Tow one more time?

    Well I think I got you all beat on lack of payload, Mine is a 3rd gen, 2014 Limited, Non-EL 4X4, HD tow with 301a Package, just 1457lbs Payload
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    Would an 07 be a smart purchase?

    It is a good price, however, just keep in mind, it was 2005-2008 models that had the 2 piece spark plugs were notorious for breaking apart if you tried to remove them especially on a engine with that many miles. I'd ask if the spark plugs had ever been replaced before, but if they are the...
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    Help with 4x4 auto

    Yes, you are correct, the IWE's (Integrated Wheel Ends) are vacuum controlled and disconnect the wheel hubs from the half shafts, and thus the Half Shafts, Diff, and driveshaft doesn't rotate while in 2H mode
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    Help with 4x4 auto

    Yes you are correct about the front being "engaged" but while the front is engaged, the front axle shafts, the front differential and the front driveshaft are all engaged to the front wheels and turning. This is mechanical resistance, which uses energy, and on dry pavement it is unnecessary...
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    Key fob

    Three Options 1. Go to a Ford Dealer and have them do it for you 2. Go to a Locksmith and have them do it for you 3. Install Forscan on your computer and obtain a OBD Link USB cable and program a key yourself(You will probably have to obtain a blank key yourself from Ford but most hardware...
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    4 prong to 7 prong

    This is the wiring diagram for my 2014 with the HD tow package, it looks like the orange wire, runs all the way from the fuse box