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  1. mark Haasser

    Travel Trailer Recommendations.

    Hi everyone, We have had the GD imagine 2800bh for 3 seasons. 2 years with a 2007 expedition Eddie Bauer, and last year with a limited stealth 4x4 Max. Like everyone states the Expedition pulls like a beast. I do watch my numbers since my payload is 1674. I has over rear axle, payload, and...
  2. mark Haasser

    Tailgate button sticking?

    My button does the same thing. I have to pick at the right edge and it will pop back out. Kind of a pain. Was thinking about having it looked at, but reading this that may not fix the problem.
  3. mark Haasser

    Positive Vibes Only / Expedition Greatness

    That would be Great Matthew we have a lot of miles and time in the camper. With the 07 Expedition EL and now the 2019 Max
  4. mark Haasser

    Positive Vibes Only / Expedition Greatness

    We like our stealth Max. It tows or Grand Design Imagine real well. The 2800BH is right at the limit, I am careful to make sure I don't run over. Hitch weight, and payload are where I am close. Snow In Ashland Wi by mark Haasser posted Jan 25, 2021 at 11:10 AMReady To Go by mark Haasser...
  5. mark Haasser

    Alarm goes off for no reason, anyone else see this?

    On my 19 Limited max with 301A package the alarm will trigger for no apparent reason. I can't really make a correlation of any kind with temperature change, high wind, or change in atmospheric pressure. On one trip I could not get the indicator saying the hood was not closed to go away, but...
  6. mark Haasser

    2018+ Post Pictures Thread!- Lets see those shiny new trucks!

    My new 19 the Dealer and a picture of the old and the new . I had to fly to Detroit to get this one just the way I wanted it.
  7. mark Haasser

    Future towing setup. Good to go?

    Just checking, Did everyone who tows, wait for the 1000 miles the owner's manual says to wait? I will have 700 miles on my 19 Max Stealth and I want to avoid using my 2007 EL.