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  1. MxRacer965

    Favorite Forscan changes?

    Decided to get myself the necessary components to tinker around with Forscan on my Expedition. I had hoped to enable DAB for SiriusXM but I see that it is a not possible without updating the APIM firmware. Anyway, what are your favorite changes and what are the details (where to change, what...
  2. MxRacer965

    Cracked - common?

    Ok, please don’t beat me up too badly asking and telling me to use the search function…I dunno what this part is called and “cracked” is going to come up with waaaaay too many hits so… Noticed his black trim on driver side next to the rear window has a crack. If memory serves I think I...
  3. MxRacer965

    ANC useless?

    Anyone actually notice ANC doing anything in their Platinum? I have a 2019 Max that is my DD, but I also have a 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn crew cab with the longer box that’s my “beater” I drive to the airport and on work trips and the interior seems quieter. I always marvel how quiet the Ram is...
  4. MxRacer965

    Automatic hi beams not working?

    Just noticed last night driving to the lake through some empty, dark 2 tracks that the auto hi beams weren’t doing anything on my 19 Platinum. Seemed to be a new development as I recall them working before. Manually they worked fine. Any suggestions of things to check?
  5. MxRacer965

    What feature....?

    So today I was pulling up to a drive thru and turned my radio down with the volume knob as usual...then remembered there is a dedicated mute button right next to the volume knob. I NEVER use that button, but always think “next time”. I don’t use the steering wheel controls that much for that...
  6. MxRacer965

    Glad I got SCT instead of HPTuner

    Just reading that Emotion, who made the nGauge HPTuner, is out of business. Glad I got the SCT instead! Even if it is a “lesser” tuner, it did everything I needed and the manufacturer is still in business at least! Anyone with the HPTuner know what ongoing support is going to look like, if any?
  7. MxRacer965

    Media bin drawer won’t stay open

    So even when new I noticed the media bin drawer (the sliding door over the wireless charging station) in my 19 Platinum doesn’t like to stay open. It will lightly catch but it might be a second, several seconds, or when I hit a bump that causes the sliding door to close. Point being it won’t...
  8. MxRacer965

    Oil analysis results: 0-5K and 5K-10K

    I haven't used the search feature to see if anyone has posted results of their oil analysis or if anyone else has done them right away, so figured I'd share. I had blackstone labs do an analysis at 5K miles on my Expedition as well as at 10K. Changed the factory oil at 5K because I figured it...
  9. MxRacer965

    What to watch out for - collision repair

    Damn deer ran out in front of me today...noon...weirdest dang time of day ever. Anyway, what electrical do-dads should I be checking on as it is repaired? Platinum trim. So: Active shutters for cooling Parking sensors Adaptive cruise 360 camera Intercooler? Radiator (leaking) what else? Has...
  10. MxRacer965

    Power running board motor removal

    OK guys, need some advice...when deploying the running board on the drivers side squeaks. I can hose it down with tri flow, etc and get it to stop for a couple days then it comes back. So I figured I’d just take the 3 bolts and wedge on the motor shaft off, slide it out, grease it up, and put...
  11. MxRacer965

    Large Senior dog & loading help

    Anyone else have a large senior dog that needs help into the back cargo area? We have a 12 year old lab mix that weighs 75 lbs or so. She can’t jump into the back of the Expedition, and while 75 lbs is no challenge for me, it is for others. Plus the dog doesn’t care for being picked up are...
  12. MxRacer965

    Power running board maintenance

    Hey All, did a couple searches to see if I could find an obvious thread for power running board maintenance but didn’t find what I was looking for quickly... anyway, what are you all doing for maintaining/lubricating your power running boards? I noticed my drivers side has a squeak it hasn’t...
  13. MxRacer965

    Getting swirls out of plastic pillars

    Noticed this pretty much the day I took delivery of our expedition that the plastic on the pillars outside had swirl marks and now that the weather is nicer I'd like to try and get them out. I found this thread from quite a while ago. It had some suggestions but I didn't see any follow ups...
  14. MxRacer965

    Center console vault

    Evening everyone, As I was browsing the forum tonight I came across a thread about center console organizers. I see there are a few interesting looking options on Amazon, but I really was interested in a vault. I know Ford sells one but it turns the entire console into a vault, which is too...
  15. MxRacer965

    Paint touch up

    Morning All, I was the lucky recipient of someones desire to customize my new Expedition before I even had 1,000 miles on it. Fortunately just the hitch cover. Anyone know if there is a touch up paint that matches? Rest of the vehicle is "Magnetic" I believe. Or anyone not using their hitch...
  16. MxRacer965

    Why not make every light LED??

    '19 Max Platinum here and it baffles me why all the lighting isn't LED...license plate lights and reverse lights incandescent...anything else I haven't noticed yet? Banished those bulbs already and I'll keep going until they are all LED. Anything in the front lamp that isn't LED? I honestly...
  17. MxRacer965

    Weathertech mud flap protection

    Hi all, Just took delivery of a new 2019 Expedition Max Platinum a week ago to replace my 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland Summit. I loved the Jeep and had planned to keep it "forever" since I had the lifetime max care warranty, but it just got too small for our needs. So now I'm rolling around...