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    Show your Lifted 3rd Gens

    Wife’s 07 Limited 4wd.. 3.5”/1.5” leveling lift.. 20x9 +18 KMC Badlands.. 35x12.50 Toyo M/T Owned it since 2013 with 100k on it, been on 35’s since 2017.. Now has 225k on it and she wouldn’t trade it for a new one tomorrow!
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    My Dads 98 EB Expy

    98 220k Fully loaded (minus sunroof) All new coils and plugs (think they were original lol) All new front suspension Built transmission Color matched bottom and bumpers to black Full tint New headlight housings with LED bulbs MOVE bumper with 9500lb winch 3” lift 17” Motiv wheels 295/70...
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    New member post

    Just wanted to take a second to say hello! From Central Alabama, wife daily’s her 07 Limited 4wd (owned since 2013) will drop a pic or 2 of it following. 07 Limited 4wd (fully loaded) 3.5” front/1.5” rear lift Rear air ride delete Muffler Delete Roof Rack Full tint All LED lights (inside and...