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    Trailer Brake Controller

    If you fried two brake controllers it leads me to think that it's the actual trailer module and not just the brake controller. I know I saw this issue posted previously at some point, but cannot find the thread.
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    2015, Upgrade to Heavy Duty Towing

    Just to add to this very informative thread for 2015-17 trans cooler upgrade options. It looks like there is an additional option from full race that is 16 row and is a direct fit for the factory location. Figured I'd throw it out there. It looks like the full race cooler has been revised at...
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    Brake upgrade - towing

    I recently purchased the powerstop z36 kit K5577-36 kit for my 2017 on Amazon for $379 including tax. It looks like this is the correct kit for a 2010 as well. I installed two days ago and have been impressed over the first hundred miles or so. They definitely stop shorter than the factory...
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    Best 2 - 2.5 inch lift?

    I have a 2/2 spacer lift on my 2017. The ebay vendor I got them from had all different options available at the time. 1/2, 1/1, 2/2, 3/2. I believe I posted the link to them on the show us your lifted 3rd gen thread.
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    How to remove headlight assembly?

    Looks good! Which bulbs did you go with? They appear to be a perfect match. I have a set of the philips crystalvision bulbs waiting to go in, but I'm not sure how close they will match the fogs.
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    Show your Lifted 3rd Gens

    Thanks! I’ll definitely need to do that. Did you drill a new hole or use an existing?
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    Show your Lifted 3rd Gens

    2”/2” eBay kit to maintain the rake. I decided to go for it based on this thread. Tires are 275/75r18 BFG ko2s. I’ve seen references on this forum to moving the brake line clip, but the instructions I had and the ready lift that downloaded make no mention of moving the brake line clip. Which...