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    2000 expedition xlt RWD sags in rear

    My expe has the 4 wheel standard suspension so I have coil springs all around. Just replaced all 4 coil springs and shocks because the drivers side rear coil blew. After replacing all of them the truck still leans to the drivers side by about 2”, is there anything else that could be causing...
  2. J

    Crank but no start and runs fine now

    I was driving back home for the holidays a couple days ago and pulled off to use the restroom at a truck stop. To my surprise when I went to go start my expe up to finish my drive she cranked but wouldn’t start. I got it to actually start a couple times but it would die immediately after. I...
  3. J

    Transmission Removal & Installation

    Unfortunately today my transmission took its final shift and started slipping in first and second, it started as an overheat and I never noticed the slipping so beware if you've ever had a transmission overheat. My transmission shop quoted me $3000 to rebuild it with a heavy duty rebuild kit...
  4. J

    2000 Expedition transmission overheat

    I work up at a ski resort which requires me to drive up a pretty steep (paved) mountain road. Towards the top of the mountain there’s a 10% grade S turn and recently every time I’ve gone up that grade my OD light starts flashing, when I had the code read it read as a transmission overheat. The...
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    Coolant Leak

    ive had a lot of really small coolant leaks on my exp but nome that have been as weird as this one, i first noticed when i was driving on the freeway one day and i saw white fogish looking stuff coming out of my AC vents that reaked of antifreeze. A couple days later i noticed a large puddle of...
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    00 XLT RWD pulls to the right

    Hey everybody, Ive owned my expedition for almost a year now and its always had this slight pull to the right thay gets stronger the faster youre going. Its a 2000 XLT RWD with a 4 1/2" lift on 35's. I did my research and replaced the upper control arm (bushings and ball joint) and the lower...