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  1. Railroadmam

    Largest no-mods tire size with Bilstein 5100s

    Hi Bob, I have a 2019 4x4 limited expy. If I understand correctly, you were able to put 33.5 " x 11.2" BFG`s on your 19 XLT without any type of lift? Thank you I appreciate your help. Chris
  2. Railroadmam

    What Have You Done to Your 4th Gen This Week?

    Matt0404. How do u like your 5 star tune? R U still running stock intercooler? Your ride looks good!!!
  3. Railroadmam

    2018+ Post Pictures Thread!- Lets see those shiny new trucks!

    Garrett, I have the pearl white 2019 limited 4x4, w two pkg. I checked into doing the a & b pillar and top done in black. But with the FL heat and sun it would be very hard to come off.
  4. Railroadmam

    2019 Platinum 22" wheels for sale

    Can you tell a difference in the ride with the taller sidewall on the new tires?
  5. Railroadmam

    2019 Platinum 22" wheels for sale

    Very Nice! I've thought about doing the same. When I bought mine I was looking for one with FX4 & Tow pkg. I prefer the 18s over the 22s.
  6. Railroadmam

    2019 Platinum 22" wheels for sale

    What did you replace them with? Any before and after pics? Thanks
  7. Railroadmam

    2019 Platinum 22" wheels for sale

    These wheeled go for 750 apiece from Ford... I have the same on my 2019 expy. I like the style. I agree tires, tires suck. Could've been something better from Ford !
  8. Railroadmam

    Fender Flares for Lifted 2019 Expedition Max

    I'm sure they're good quality. But they would have to paint and install for that price!!
  9. Railroadmam

    Rear Sway bar?

    Change both sway bars. I'm going to do the same to mine. I want to make my expy an overland suv. Just purchased an ARB Zero 73qt fridge/freezer. We should have an overland group build. Share upgrades and mods.
  10. Railroadmam

    Anyone "Delete" their Electronic 3rd Row Seat?

    U should probably put down dyna mat or some type of insulation or sound deadening.
  11. Railroadmam

    What Grade of Gas are you using?

    I mostly run hi test. From time to time I'll add 87 to my half tank of hi test. When traveling or towing I always use hi test.... I love my 4x4 Expedition!
  12. Railroadmam

    Remove front bumper on 2019 Exp limited

    I'm wanting to mount led pod lights behind grill. Where opening is for intercooler.
  13. Railroadmam

    Amber LED Pod Lights

    Thanks. Purchased Apple lighting to digital av adapter. Connected to iPad and was able to watch Amazon Prime, Netflix and DirecTV. I'm set for any road trip now...
  14. Railroadmam

    Amber LED Pod Lights

    Has anyone connected iPad to Fordplay entertainment screens to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  15. Railroadmam

    Amber LED Pod Lights

    Bottom of bumper, above spoiler.
  16. Railroadmam

    Amber LED Pod Lights

    Has anyone mounted amber led pod fog lights on the bumper of the 2018 or 2019 expy?
  17. Railroadmam

    Where are you from?

    Hey everyone. New member and New owner of a 2019 Limited 4x4.w tow pkg I'm in St Augustine FL. Wife and I are planning on getting a travel trailer and heading out west to see this beautiful country. Looking forward to sharing ideas and stories.