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    2022 Ford Expedition Stuck in Production

    mine as well, it said in production 4/29 and system says would take few days, but I do not have any update yet, Do not know if is still worth to wait.
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    Expedition 2022 Build & Price @

    Anyone know what happened to the limited trim center screen that is not the one from Mach E?
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    Got mine 22 expedition limited max build date

    I was tyring to get 2021 last year, and all dealerships have markup for thoes, and one dealership said they could do factory order below MSRP for me, so I decided to get 2022.
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    Not good, Bob. (Production cuts due to chip shortage.)

    Got email said that my build date would be March 7 and tonight got another one said 14
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    Got mine 22 expedition limited max build date

    Also my order is 4% below MSRP.
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    Got mine 22 expedition limited max build date

    I ordered on Jan 15, and got the email today said that build date would be week of March 7, and I clicked the bottom of the email “track my order” it is not working. Anyone knows?
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    Best dealerships to order a 22 from? KY area or at least a days drive.

    I live in NY and did the factory order all the way from PA dealership, I think you might try that too, contact them by email frist, ask them if you do the factory order what discount they gonna provided. My local dealerships want to selling at MSRP and some wanted me to pay 2k over MSRP...
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    Just order 2022 limited max

    thanks for the info, I might just tell them to modify my configuration, they offer $77290 instead of sticker price.
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    Just order 2022 limited max

    I asked my dealer is there any black interior options for limited, they said black interior only come with stealth package, I have no idea that wondering black interior would cost me around $9k and I did my research found out there is an regular stealth package which is 303A that around $4K also...