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    2022 Stealth Performance Production?

    That's crazy - looks like you ordered the same as I did, but I ordered on 11/23 or so. Crazy that you already got yours.
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    2022 Ford Expedition Stuck in Production

    I placed an order before Thanksgiving - went into production 3/16 and has been on chip hold since. Reached out to my dealer yesterday, they are able to find a bit more info, and gave me a screenshot that said the order was updated this morning with a mid July completion, and that may be without...
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    I've thought about cancelling. I ordered before Thanksgiving, went in to build early March, and just got notified that I'm on chip hold for another few weeks at minimum. We ordered one because we've got a third on the way & a large dog - so in June our smaller SUV's are going to be incredibly...
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    My 2022 Expedition Limited Max is BUILT!!!

    Mine was delayed to 2/28, haven’t received anything saying further delays so I’m hoping this is finally the week!
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    2022 Expedition Order Guide attached

    I get that, just not sure why when I built back in November the dealer wouldn’t have brought it up.
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    2022 Expedition Order Guide attached

    I’m going to be really irritated if this package wasn’t added to my build that’s happening this week.
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    2022 Expedition Order Guide attached

    I’ve got my order in but just realized heavy duty towing package removes active park assist 2.0. Does anyone know why you can’t get the park assist with the towing package?
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    2022 Expedition Updates?

    I got my official confirmation from Ford on 11/23 for a SPP, CCD, 4a, HD Tow, and bucket second row. My dealer let me know a few weeks back I'm also scheduled for 2/14. I think mine is at $82.7k with this build sheet - looks like a lot of people have the same order configuration on here...
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    2022 Scheduling

    My dealer told me they were notified mine has been scheduled but that I’d get an email from ford letting me know of build date but I haven’t seen anything else come through yet.
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    Expedition Timberline with BlueCruise - Yes. (apparently, maybe) - And... Interior Colors?

    I placed an order for a limited max stealth performance package and my dealer told me that as far as they know the bluecruise will only be on the platinum package.
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    2022 Expedition Order Guide attached

    Ended up placing an order for the limited max stealth performance package. Really wanted the platinum for blue cruise but I love the look of the stealth over the platinum. Also can’t figure out if I’m crazy for placing the order with 2nd row buckets having a 3, 1 and newborn on the way with a...
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    Pricing Increases 2022

    Actually placed an order for a ‘22 limited with stealth performance package, in the 2 days I got the quote, shopped around then eventually placed the order with the first place my price went up $500. So placed the order and I’m supposedly locked in but we’ll see.
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    Considering Ordering a '22 XLT Max

    I priced out a max limited with 304a stealth & HD tow package and it came out to $81k, best I can get is $2,500 off the MSRP so far. Which isn’t terrible since the used market has been so crazy. I’m just hoping the 0% financing pops up by the time mine is shipped.
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    VIN decoding & options/packages

    haven’t seen much action on this thread lately but am in the market for an expedition max. Wondering if someone can give me the options installed on this vin? 1FMJK2AT7LEA31946 Thanks in advance!