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    Grill LED's

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    Rear suspension sag

    Sounds like the air spring bags or O-rings are bad and leaking. Spray some soapy water on and around assembly and connections to check for air leaks.
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    Rear air bag suggestions - 2000 Expy

    Sorry larkja, inadvertently I linked to a 4 wheel drive conversion kit for the rear. i meant to link to rear wheel drive conversion kit for my 2000, which has air suspension in rear only, thus eliminating the need for all the other components of air suspension. Kit consist only of 2 coils and...
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    Rear air bag suggestions - 2000 Expy

    Out of my stable of 1rst generations I only have one with rear air suspension. Couple years ago, on my 2000 RWD, I replaced the bags only. I purchased the Suncore brand. Was not difficult for me to do. Was recommended to spray soapy water on the bags to check for leaks. Later I had issues with...
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    New MO member checking in

    :welcome: Nice ride!
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    Stickers, Covers, Emblems, Badges.

    So the stickers on the center caps of my custom Centerline wheels were getting cloudy and dull. So I removed them. I cleaned up the center caps and installed the skulls to match my valve caps. These are quality vinyl with a 3d domed resin coating. Much better.
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    2000 xlt 200,000 miles bad trans worth fixing?

    Can't beat free! Let us know how it works out.
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    2000 xlt 200,000 miles bad trans worth fixing?

    Just wondering what y'all decided. if you passed sure some members who are near you, on the forum, would be willing to buy it, if he sells it for scrap value.
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    Lower Radiator Hose AGAIN!

    May be the thread below may be of some help. Lower Radiator Hose - No Hose clamp
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    2000 xlt 200,000 miles bad trans worth fixing?

    Transmission failure is probably the main reason I see 1rst generation expeditions in the auto salvage yards. The cost to repair is often more than the book value of the vehicle. $3000 is a little on the high end I would think for the rebuild of the transmission seeing around here more at the 2...
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    Water in Headlight

    If it is cracked you need to replace. Sometimes it is the gasket not sealing and that can be repaired to make watertight again. Here is some good info.
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    What did you do to the expy today

    Replaced power mirror switch on ole blue today. Original was down and out inoperative. Aftermarket easy fix pop out and in. Works great. $10.98 Amazon.
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    Cargo tie downs behind third row seats

    Crawl under the vehicle and look and measure what may be in the area you want to locate the clips. You can size your bolts or screws to limit interfering with anything that may be underneath.
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    Cargo tie downs behind third row seats

    I purchased these from Amazon a few months ago for one of my trailers. They work really well for me. Come with fasteners to attach to floorboard. Hulless-12-Pcs-304-Stainless-Steel-Ring-D-Ring-Tie-Down
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    coolant leak from intake

    My 2002 Expo (ole blu), had a made in China aftermarket intake manifold when I purchased it. It was leaking and I replaced it last year with a new OEM intake manifold from the Ford dealer and a Fel-Pro MS98008T3 Intake Manifold Gasket Set. Go OEM Motorcraft, as recommended. The aftermarket...
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    Changing my plugs and the coil mount cracked where it screws into the valve cover. Any solutions to rig?

    Maybe this will cinch it down enough to hold. Normally I would Heli-Coil it, but since it is cracked, no good. Stripped Thread Repair Kit, 12.9mL, Gray Form-A-Thread
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    1997 Expedition Front End Wobble in 4WD

    Thanks for the information and repair tips! Guess you waited till the thaw to repair it. That's 273403.325 miles.
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    Tag lights? Everything good till I start driving?

    Did you turn the headlight switch on? Just asking.:shrug:
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    What is this switch called

    97 03 Ford Expedition Navigator Memory Seat Control Switch F57B14776J4CPR OEM Flea bay
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    Where to get cross bars for roof rack?

    Call a boneyard or go to Pull-a-part in Columbia. If you pull it yourself you can get any missing hardware along with it. Part: LUGGAGE RACK Base Price: $25.32 Environmental Fee: $1.27 Core Charge...
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    Fenders and doors

    Another source for fenders and parts.
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    Fenders and doors

    Fenders are the same. Trim may differ. From what I hear, doors may work from some pickup models (crew cab) with minor modifications. I would stick with Expedition doors only. 97 - 02 Expedition doors and fenders are identical along with hood...
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    The AUX jack is on the side of it. Also has a volume control and you can set the FM channel to your choosing. NSAA.
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    If you have a FM radio and need an Aux port this is what I did. Get a inexpensive Bluetooth transmitter. I got mine at Wally world as below. It gives you the added benefit of hands free phone and USB charging port. I use mine a lot to listen to podcasts over my FM radio from my phone. It works...
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    Serpentine belt tool

    With all the talk of alternator replacement, I have found this my go to tool for removing and replacing the belt. Works great for me on tensioner. Available here. Serpentine Belt Tool Kit ( & OEMTools 25149 OEM Automotive Tools Serpentine Belt Tool Sets | Summit Racing