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  1. zfifty

    Stickers, Covers, Emblems, Badges.

    So the stickers on the center caps of my custom Centerline wheels were getting cloudy and dull. So I removed them. I cleaned up the center caps and installed the skulls to match my valve caps. These are quality vinyl with a 3d domed resin coating. Much better.
  2. zfifty

    Serpentine belt tool

    With all the talk of alternator replacement, I have found this my go to tool for removing and replacing the belt. Works great for me on tensioner. Available here. Serpentine Belt Tool Kit ( & OEMTools 25149 OEM Automotive Tools Serpentine Belt Tool Sets | Summit Racing
  3. zfifty

    Saw this on Craigslist near Atlanta

    Ford Expediton 2001 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive... (
  4. zfifty

    To all the Naysayers

    As of today. Built Ford Tough. Still running strong. No rust.
  5. zfifty

    1rst Edition - Addition or Addiction

    Purchased another 1rst edition off of Craigslist. Exw04 by zfifty posted May 29, 2021 at 2:45 PM
  6. zfifty

    Steering column

    How difficult is it to replace a steering column on a 2002 Expedition? I am looking at purchasing another 2002 but the column feels a little loose.
  7. zfifty

    Fuel Pump replaced. No Fire, No Fuel! ?

    :33: I recently replaced (throwing parts at a problem) what I believe to be the original fuel pump in my 2000 Expedition (Blackie). Purchased from Advance Auto Parts. It was the Carquest brand. The main thing I did not like about it was the power connector on the replacement Carquest pump did...
  8. zfifty

    Grill LED's

    I bought some cheap round amber LED clearance lights off amazon and mounted 4 today in the upper grill of ole blue. Have seen a lot of pickups with similar lights lately.
  9. zfifty

    Intake manifold replacement parts

    My 2002 Expo, 250,000 miles, has a aftermarket intake manifold that was installed by previous owner that is leaking coolant on top of the engine valley and steaming out tailpipe. The major steam from the tailpipe ends once the engine warms up. I am going to replace with a new OEM intake manifold...
  10. zfifty

    Overheating Issue

    My 98 Expy has a problem where it will be running at normal operating temperature, suddenly peg the temp gauge to hot and the service engine light comes on and there is a loss of power. If you turn the ignition off and wait a minute, the temp gauge will return to normal and it operates...
  11. zfifty

    Dirty Running board lights?

    How many of you have a running board light that lets moisture in? l have one that must have a hidden small crack somewhere. I decided to clean the dirt and algae out of it until I can replace it with one that does not leak. Here is the condition it is in. First I had to remove the plastic...
  12. zfifty

    Longest-lasting vehicles: SUVs are way ahead - Expedition Unstoppable

    They did not have to tell me this. I already suspected it! If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle for the long haul, a big, sturdy SUV is hard to beat. Full-sized utilities account for half of the 14 longest-lasting cars – those most likely to pass 200,000 miles – according to auto research...
  13. zfifty

    Third brake light replace bulb to LED

    I have purchased and am awaiting arrival of a new OEM 3rd brake light assembly XL1Z-13A613-CA for my 2002 EB. The original was cracked and melted as most of them do. I want to replace the bulbs with LED bulbs. Owners manual calls for a W5W bulb yet for my 2000 calls for a 912? My question is...
  14. zfifty

    Air Suspension Recommendations

    20190526_114231 by zfifty posted May 26, 2019 at 1:29 PM20190526_114220 by zfifty posted May 26, 2019 at 1:26 PM My rear air suspension has dropped. Should I try to troubleshoot it or replace it with coil over suspension package. If so is this easily accomplished and please give me some...
  15. zfifty

    Hello from Kennesaw, Ga

    Thought I would introduce myself. Ed residing in Kennesaw, Ga. Kennesaw is about 30 miles north of Atlanta and is home of the General, from the great Locomotive Chase of the war between the states. I have resided in this area for most of my 59 soon to be 60 years. Spent some time in North Dakota...