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  1. Knut

    22" to 18" - Overall Vehicle Ride Height / Wheel Gap

    Use this to match up tire sizes and new tire pressure.
  2. Knut

    Can we talk HD Tow one more time?

    Holy $#!^^...... :-/
  3. Knut

    Can we talk HD Tow one more time?

    I'm guessing you have the 2+2+3 seating? Mine is 2+3+3, bench in 2nd and 3rd row, with electric folding seats.
  4. Knut

    Can we talk HD Tow one more time?

    Nice. I bought mine in 2019 and literary called every dealer who had a Max with HD towpackage. Most of them couldn't figure out how to find the payload, I had to tell them where to look. I could need another 100lbs; however, I found to my surprise that it was the aft axle weight restriction...
  5. Knut

    Can we talk HD Tow one more time?

    I have 1796 lbs of payload on my Max XLT. The only one I've seen post a higher payload was one with 1798 lbs, also and XLT. So if you found a Limited with 1725 lbs, I would guess that is about as high as you will ever see.
  6. Knut

    19 Platinum Rim/Tire sizes. Are 17’s an option?

    Use these calculators
  7. Knut

    Oil in intercooler- how much is “normal”?

    I've been looking into this also. Looking forward to see what you find.
  8. Knut

    Does your Expy burn LOTS of oil??

    I only use FULL SYNTHETIC OIL and tow a Travel trailer during summer months. I don't see any measurable oil burn.
  9. Knut

    275/70 R18 on stock suspension

    I changed mine from stock 275/65-R18 to 275/55-R20 XL
  10. Knut

    275/70 R18 on stock suspension

    Use the calculators on this site to see how everything compares to stock. Speed, Revolution per mile, gear ratio, offsets, etc.
  11. Knut

    Interior noise from exhaust

    My 2008 Exp. EL Eddie Bauer was WAY quieter than my 2019 XLT Max..
  12. Knut

    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    I've looked into a catch can.
  13. Knut


    Look at my profile picture. 2019 Exp XLT MAX 1798 Payload 2 Adults/ 3kids /2 dogs. TT: 2950 Keystone Passport = 6500lbs loaded TW: 800 All numbers within limits, and it tows just fine. BlueOx SwayPro WDH. Also, I just changed tires and wheels. went with 20" wheels and Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S...
  14. Knut

    How to use a CAT scale for RV and truck towing?

    I've got a 2019 Max XLT: Leather seats heated and cooled, heated steering wheel, dual zone heating, 2nd row bench power fold down, 40/20/40 split, 3rd row power down/up, backup assist, NO SUNROOF, WIFI. HD Tow. PAYLOAD: 1798 LBS. GVWR:7720 R-GAWR: 4380 F-GAWR: 3550 Had to buy a new one as I...
  15. Knut

    Down shift clunk while towing

    Could it be that you are just noticing the hitch clunking? I hear mine once in a while especially when breaking and the car is down shifting. Make sure you lock out the OD (over drive) when you are towing. I used to do that on my 08 Expedition EL and it would tow a lot better with less shifting.
  16. Knut

    Tire pressure... I used this one to find the correct pressure. When towing I add a couple of lbs.
  17. Knut

    Wheel/rim and tire upgrade.

    The Cooper Discovery AT3 4S has a 65,000 mile warranty to 2/32, for my size tire. Yes, 3 peak snow rated.
  18. Knut

    What is going rate for OEM used wheels & tire combo???

    Just replaced the factory set up. What is the approximately going rate for USED Factory Wheels (18*8.5) and Tires Michelin Primacy XC 275/65-R18 116T??? Tires are in good shape: 10500 miles and 9/32 left...
  19. Knut

    Wheel/rim and tire upgrade.

    New tires: Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S UTQG: 620 A B. Original: Michelin Primacy XC UTQG: 480 A B.
  20. Knut

    Towing and weight issues.

    It was probably in one of the other links on this board. Pretty cool to see them tow with the Tesla.!!!
  21. Knut

    Wheel/rim and tire upgrade.

    Just got the new wheels and tires. Went with Cooper AT3 4S 275/55-R20 117T XL, +18 offsets. This set-up added 1” on each side of previous tire wall, so a 2” wider stands. Hopefully this will be good.
  22. Knut

    Towing and weight issues.

    Someone on here mentioned “Canamrv”, so I looked at their website and watched a lot of the videos. It seems like they have some pretty lengthy experience when it comes to WD Systems. One of the questions I was left with is this: “Why is the shank on all the major WDH’s sticking out so far...
  23. Knut

    Rear Sway bar?

    Been reading just about every single post in this link. Is there any other manufacturer who makes replacement sway bar and are just as good as these Hellwig bars appears to be????
  24. Knut

    Towing and weight issues.

    I pass twice. What is the 3 pass method????