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  1. Kjhawkeye1

    Upgraded rear sway bar and links

    2011 EL There are helpful YouTube videos for both the links and the bar replacement.
  2. Kjhawkeye1

    Upgraded rear sway bar and links

    Hey everyone, A quick note for anyone on the fence about upgrading your rear sway bar. I am not a super mechanical person but can do basic stuff. I recently upgraded the rear sway bar and replaced the links and the difference in handling is significantly noticeable, especially while towing...
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    Just joined today. I have a how big of a tire question. Probably on here a 100 times

    Welcome and you are right, this has been asked a bunch of times so I would use the search in the 3rd gen section.
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    Down shift clunk while towing

    Engine/transmission mounts OK. Mystery continues.
  5. Kjhawkeye1

    Down shift clunk while towing

    Mechanic (whom I trust) had looked everything over and thought it was OK. Could have him go back again.
  6. Kjhawkeye1

    2011 Expedition Shock/Strut recommendations

    Like my Bilstein 4600s. Have sumosprings all around as well.
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    Down shift clunk while towing

    Towed again this weekend. U joint was replaced but still have the clunk though not as bad. Towed the whole way in tow/hail mode. If I gain speed going down hill to get up a hill and keep foot on the gas it has less of a chance of making the noise. Mechanic found nothing out of sorts and said u...
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    Performance throttle body for 2011+?

    Hey everyone... was wondering if anyone has found or installed a performance throttle body for 2011+ expedition. BBK lists one for 2007-2010 (looks like a matches the F150) but I don't ever seem to find one for newer than that. If anyone has found and installed one, interested in a part number...
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    I have these same tires and like them a lot. Echo everything Jason said.
  10. Kjhawkeye1

    2018 Max with Class IV Towing

    What does the sticker on driver door jam/door say? The towing capacities are vehicle specific.
  11. Kjhawkeye1

    Down shift clunk while towing

    I don't think so as it definitely feels and sounds like it is coming from the front end. Appt in the shop next Tuesday to check it out.
  12. Kjhawkeye1

    Down shift clunk while towing

    This weekend while towing our camper (5300# TT behind our '11 EL), every now and then when the transmission would shift into a lower gear to climb a hill, it would make a loud clunk noise but would still keep plugging along. No warning lights, no power loss, or anything else. Just the clunk...
  13. Kjhawkeye1

    2020 ford Expedition sag when towing

    Dial in your WDH and maybe add in a set of sumosprings. Worked well on my '11 when I didn't like the sag. Also the independent rear suspension will just be squishy anyway.
  14. Kjhawkeye1

    BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 - 275/55R20 - Installed Today

    I have those tires and they are comfortable at 45 psi. I air em up to 70 psi when towing and zero issues.
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    towing frustration

    We got a 2010 KZ Coyote 23cfk and it lists it sleeps 10. 3 queen fold out bed and 2 convertibles with a slide out. 4165 dry, 6000 max (which we'll never reach just because of how we pack). Maybe hard finding a new one that will work but maybe something used in good shape would work. I also have...
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    Stock tail lights and mirrors

  17. Kjhawkeye1

    Rear suspension options for towing - Rear only coil spacer option?

    Following up on this as we brought the camper out and hauled it 200 miles yesterday. Can definitely say the sumosprings made a difference and took the bounce out of the rear end. Between them and the WDH dialed in, the truck and trailer were level and I had no issues. The sumos were worth it in...
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    Road trip prep

    I believe that is included if you also have auto insurance through them.
  19. Kjhawkeye1

    Aftermarket transmission cooler

    Part #? What year is your expedition? Any additional pieces needed to make the connections?
  20. Kjhawkeye1

    Wiring up Aftermarket headlamps

    I looked at those but weren't sure about the connections. This was a helpful thread. Thanks!
  21. Kjhawkeye1

    trailer tow prep pack

    What year is yours and what part # did you order? Would like to do the upgrade on my '11.
  22. Kjhawkeye1

    trailer tow prep pack

    I added the 7 pin harness and it was super easy using this step by step guide. Plugged in an aftermarket brake controller from and everything worked great.